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The Formica Philosopher

Just a little tidbit from me late here in Chicagoland…

“I believe in pastrami — well-marbled pastrami. Hot, thinly sliced, piled on fresh rye bread with dark mustard and a crisp dill pickle.

I believe that pastrami is a metaphor for a well-lived life, for a well-designed institution and even for healthy relationships. Pastrami is marbled rather than layered. Its parts, the lean and the fat, are mixed together rather than neatly separated. Too much of life is lived by adding layers that don’t really connect with one another.”

- Lee Shulman

Have a listen to his NPR essay.

I found this a few months back online and thought it was a gem. Lee Shulman is an educator and academic in deli starved Northern California, but his ode to pastrami and life is a wonderful metaphor. Plus, look at that punim! He’s a true deli man.


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  1. julia s Says:

    Great thoughts on pastrami and life!
    Keep up the good work, David – the blog is wonderful and fun too!

  2. deftsite ,, , , , Says:

    Faboulous indeed.

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