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A Deli Lover’s Valentine

Denver, Co

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And now, in the spirit of this Hallmark Day….An ode to my dearest love: Delicatessen

My darling Deli…

Does our love know no bounds?

Whether sweet on my lips like rugelach, or salty as tongue by the pound.

I pined for thee all through my years, at summer camp, and trips afar,

When you weren’t there I faced my fears,

And when you came, I cried “hurrah”.

When sick, your hearty matzo balls, battled demons deep within,

When joy struck, I felt such luck, with bagels, lox and cheese (creamed).

And now at night I lie awake, dreaming of your salty embrace,

Of peppercorns, and garlic breath,

and mustard stains upon my face.

Oh deli be my valentine, and hold me in your bubbe arms!

We’ll float through seas of golden shmaltz, on boats of kishe casings,

We’ll dance upon floors of matzo brie, to the toots of indigestion.

And lie down in fields of pickled grass, where I’ll pop the question:

Can I get this to go?

Lauren at Katzís

4 Responses to “A Deli Lover’s Valentine”

  1. Lauren Says:

    Are you saying I have garlic breath?

  2. Lauren Says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day David!
    Deli loves you too! Could there be anyone who more passionately loves deli?

  3. Tracy Says:

    I don’t know what’s hotter…the girl or the mustard. Lauren, I love you more than pastrami…however, full dill pickles will always have my heart.

  4. çelik raf Says:

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