Save the Deli

15 minutes of ski town fame…

Park City, Utah


Had my first TV appearance for the project yesterday here in Park City, Utah, where I’m skiing for a week and eating much less deli than I should. Thankfully, my good mate Jamie Lawson has some close hookups with the local TV station here Park City Television (his girlfriend Amy is a real life Veronica Corningstone). Ori, the host, also happens to be a member of the tribe and a Zingerman’s fan to the heart.


I’m going to upload the full video in a few days (once Amy gets me the DVD), but for now just do the following…

1. Go to

2. Select the date on the right top as Wednesday, February 21st

3. Scroll down below the date and select 7:00 PM Mountain Views Live

4. Scroll on the slider below the screen so the time reads 7:16.

5. Play and enjoy


4 Responses to “15 minutes of ski town fame…”

  1. julia s Says:

    Deli in Toronto is alive and well. The wait for a table at Centre Street Deli yesterday was at least 20 minutes. Save the Deli!!!
    PS – love the TV interview, and hope to see more in the future!

  2. Mitch Dermer Says:

    Hm, is it the TV cameras or the nosh that’s making you fat? Just kidding, you look great.

  3. Ski Rentals Says:

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  4. çelik raf Says:

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