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Mall + Condo = The Fate of Rascal House

I’ve mentioned before the fate of the Rascal House in Miami Beach, which will be torn down sometime shortly to be replaced by a development of condominiums and shopping. The website for this horrendous project is now up, so you can all see what will stand in the place of the once greatest eatery in Florida.

What it was:

What it will become:
The Epicure

From the site:
“Introducing The Epicure, a new residential project in Sunny Isles Beach that will completely transform the way we view urban living. Based on the refined style of
the renowned Epicure Market, The Epicure will offer its residents gourmet kitchens and the highest level of personalized services.”

“Fresh and frozen prepared foods, on-premise bakery, aged prime meat, daily-fresh fruits and vegetables, farm-fresh dairy products, imported and domestic beers, wines and champagnes are just some of the market’s top quality goods. Residents will also be able to request a complete stock-up from the gourmet market while they’re out of town, or simply just out and about.”

Believe me kids, they won’t be greeting you with baskets of warm danish and fresh rolls.

Mmmmmm….hideous. One more green glass condo in a strip that looks like Dubai. History will judge this poorly, and the bursting condo bubble in Florida may even judge it sooner.

“Isaac Starkman, Chief Executive Officer of Jerry’s Famous Deli Inc., also manages the concessions at New York’s Shubert theaters and owns numerous Broadway theatrical stores in Times Square and the theater district. In the past twenty-five years, Jason and Guy Starkman accumulated their construction experience by overseeing the completion of more than 15 restaurants and other projects. As owners of the Rascal House in Sunny Isles Beach and witnesses to the area’s growth into a world famous destination, the Starkman family identified a unique opportunity to build a mixed-use edifice in the booming residential real estate neighborhood.”

So let’s see here: Jerry’s Famous Deli bought the Rascal House, and is now tearing it down to make condos named after another luxury food store they purchased. Buy great deli. Run into ground. Build on top of it. That’s a wonderful display of predatory practices.

Remember to sign the petition and express your distate at this abomination. Saving the deli means that you save it from this fate.

5 Responses to “Mall + Condo = The Fate of Rascal House”

  1. Bike Starkmann Says:

    Starkman family ruined a perfectly good deli. Hope they lose a fortune on their condo venture. Have a nice day.

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