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Died and Gone to Deli Heaven

I’ve boasted before that Save the Deli is the only site on the Internet (or Interweb or Webbernet), dedicated exclusively to the obsession toward and love of the Jewish delicatessen. Until Now.

Just last night, during one of my twelve average daily hours searching for deli online, I came accross a site called Deli Heaven. The site is a trove of information, which is basically divided into two parts. The first is various news clippings about delis that the site’s owner (Marc Onigman) finds and links to. He updates this about once a month, so it’s not exactly Reuters, but still, who else besides he and I are out there doing this insane shit? The other feature is a listing by geographical area of delis accross North America. While it is far from complete, it is the largest and most up to date I’ve seen.

Anyway, enough chat. The weekend is upon us, it’s summer, and I have some whitefish that I intend on consuming with cream cheese. Good shabbos to all, and to the rest of you, god bless.

5 Responses to “Died and Gone to Deli Heaven”

  1. Howard Says:

    So, whose cream cheese are you eating and (nosey me :) where did you buy your white fish? Oh, yes – whose bread, bagels, and/or kaisers are you eating with it?

    Ess Gezunteheit!

  2. ikinci el klima Says:

    Mükemmel beğendim doğrusu :)

  3. yaprak buz makinesi Says:

    Değişik şeyler..

  4. yaprak buz makinesi Says:

    hmmm anlamadım kii

  5. çelik raf Says:

    nice work good blog admin thank you

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