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Second Lease on Life: My Marvin’s Deli returns to Calgary

My Marvin's Deli

Calgary, Alberta, the oil rich city where by brother lives is not a deli town per se. There are several places serving Montreal smoked meat, though one of them does so on arbe rye with cranberry mustard should throw anyone into a suspicious state. The Palace of Eats claims to bring in smoked meat from Quebec, but advertises them on its website with jars of dijon mustard. When I was in Calgary two weekends ago to visit my brother he asked if I wanted deli. We decided it wasn’t worth it.

Then one night we were out for dinner at an Italian restaurant, and I couldn’t help but glance accross the street at the new sign boasting My Marvin’s Deli. The term Deli being what it is, I didn’t have high hopes, and a look inside showed a place in the final stages of renovation. But in writing an article on Calgary today I decided to fire My Marvin’s Deli into google and turned out the following story from the Calgary Herald:

Trendy ’70s eatery reopens
My Marvin’s — once one of the city’s favourite restaurants — has returned

Turns out that My Marvin’s Deli was the popular Calgary Jewish deli from the late 1970′s until 1990, when its owner Marv Segal, sold the business and moved into real estate. Normally this is where the story would end. One more deli left in the dust. But My Marvin’s Deli has been given a second lease on life, thanks to new owners Sheldon Fishman and Riaz Mamdani and the original Marvin’s manager, Mr. Hartley Yuffe. It’s only been open a week or two, so reviews aren’t that many, but they are generally positive, especially in a city so badly in need of a great deli.

It just goes to show that the death of the deli may be nigh, but it isn’t set in stone. There’s still time, and hope, for a second chance.

My Marvin’s Deli
2303 4th Street. SW Calgary
(403) 441-2012

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