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For those of you looking for a little delicatessen based physical activity this weekend (aside from the lifting and chewing), take your cue from the San Francisco Noshers. This newly formed group, led by the great David Katznelson, are all avid fans of Jewish food. David wanted to organize a tour of the Bay Area’s great delicatessens, but instead of renting the mini-van, he told everyone to come by bike. Amazing.

The Fost with the Most...Dan Fost

How much more San Fran does it get folks? An eco friendly way to enjoy the great foods of the most gorgeous city in America. To those who say no such good deli exists in the city by the bay, I will point you here. More importantly, I challenge any of you to organize your own Tours de Nosh in your hometowns. Imagine biking around Chicago or Hollywood or Philadelphia, hitting up the best delicatessens and shedding pounds along the way. If you do, I promise to post your photos and stories up here.

Outside David's

Many thanks to David Katznelson, Scott Kirschenbaum, and Philip Maisel for the photos. And a round of applause to all the Rebooters and friends who came out for a relatively drug free tour.

David's Reuben

East Coast West Blintzes

2 Responses to “Le Tour De Nosh”

  1. Dan Fost Says:

    I’m not afraid to admit it: I tested positive for kishke.

    Let’s hear “Baruch” Bonds say the same.

  2. Laur Says:

    Anyone who wants to bike up to Centre Street Deli outside Toronto, let me know. I’ll pick a bike friendly route.

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