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Some Noshstalgia Perhaps?

Another good blog has popped up on the horizon, which falls into the realm of our mission here at Save the Deli.

Noshstalgia is a site dedicated to preserving great food traditions.

As it’s manifesto declares:

“Why Noshstalgia? Noshstalgia reflects my interest in preserving great, endangered, food traditions and sharing them with others. ….I appreciate the attention that good food and its contemporary heroes are receiving. But, it seems to me that many of the most important aspects of our food culture – past and present – have yet to penetrate for many people. The foodie trend has reached a point that suggests it may soon be “over”. It feels to me like we’re at about (Warhol) minute 14. Popular culture is very harsh with fads that have passed. And too often, good, important ideas are lost because of their nominal association with a defunct trend.”

Noshstalgia on Brisket

Noshstalgia on Pastrami in Boston

Go on, get Noshstalgic!

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