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Kosher follow-up from SF

Vis a vis what I posted on yesterday:
Check out this story from San Francisco

Kosher consumers in the South Bay uttering the old ad line “Where’s the beef?” will have a new answer at the end of the month: Nowhere.

Restaurateur Israel Rind announced that as of Sept. 1 his three-month-old Sunnyvale eatery Izzy’s Brooklyn Deli will forego its kosher certification and be known as “Izzy’s Brooklyn Café.”

“It’s a shame. The community will lose,” said Rind, whose Palo Alto restaurant, Izzy’s Brooklyn Bagels, will still be supervised by the Vaad HaKashrus.

“I wanted to keep [the Sunnyvale restaurant] supervised, but to keep it closed on Shabbat was impossible from a business perspective.”

*Also, I want to make note of a correction, pointed out to be by Prof. Ted Merwin. Katz’s was never actually kosher, and the kosher and non-kosher delis grew up side by side, and not as an evolution. That said, the kosher deli is an endangered species, while the non-kosher rules the roost.

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  1. Dean Mandel Says:

    If you are looking for great kosher deli, ships anywhere in the US. Shipping to the west coast might get expensive, but it’s worth it. The food is delicious and the website is a throwback to a real old fashion New York Deli. Kosher too, you can view their kashruth certificate online.

    enjoy, let me know what you think.

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