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Given that it’s the end of summer and I’ve been struggling to find quality material to fill the site, it’s a wonder I haven’t done a news roundup before. Reuters does it, the CNN ticker does it, even Google News does it. So now Save the Deli does it. I’ll try to make this a weekly thing.

Here’s what’s coming up on the deli wires.

Beer lover? Foodie? Checkbook, please (The Oregonian)

Kenny and Zuke’s, the deli that I wrote about which will be opening in Portland very very shortly, is going to be selling $2000 memberships to help finance the opening. This furnishes members with no equity and no return on investment, but I suppose they are hoping to recoop it in pastrami.

Nick Zukin, who is opening Kenny & Zuke’s with veteran restaurateur Ken Gordon, says the financing reduces risk. “This is a way to earn extra money,” Zukin said. “I’d rather not use traditional money-raising techniques because the expense of capitalization can kill restaurants.”

Jewish deli prides itself on tradition (Chicago Journal)

A wonderful writeup of Manny’s, that south loop Chicago classic run by the always lovely Raskin family.

“Just walking in, I felt as if I’d been transported into the warm and comforting time of a by-gone era. Upon entering, we were relieved that at 1:30 p.m. we missed the line that regularly snakes out the door and down Jefferson Street at lunch rush. We were greeted by the aromas of deli meats and spices. The sleek metal counter was filled to overflowing with two tiers of sandwiches and Friday lunch specials, including fried smelts, salmon patties, and macaroni and cheese, many of these dishes based on family recipes.”

Hawaii Gets a Taste of Yiddishkeit With Kosher Deli (

Our bearded buddies over at the orthodox Chabad have taken valuable time away from Yeshiva to open up a glatt kosher deli in Hawaii. Yudi Weinbaum will be hanging ten with tfillin. Hey, if there’s surfing rabbis out there, they need something to fill that post Pipeline hunger. Welcome to the scene Yudi’s Deli. I can’t wait to visit. Baruch Ha’shem!

“They say the first thing a community needs is a mikvah, then a shul. After that, I think it needs a restaurant,” he states. “When you have 50 restaurants to choose from, one doesn’t make such a difference.” But in Hawaii, where one small deli makes a world of difference, “it’s a place we are proud of. It helps to make us a community.”

The proof, fellow foodies, is in the pastrami

We all know that college students are often underfed or malnourishes, which is why this article from the University of Southern California student newspaper is invaluable to them. It reccomends Langer’s heartily, which is just what those hungry young minds need in order to develop. Perhaps Norm will offer tutorin on pastrami steaming for master’s students.

The star, of course, is the pastrami itself. Cured in a house blend of spices, then smoked and finally steamed until falling-apart tender, the hand-sliced meat is a revelation; it dances around the mouth, sugar, salt and spices all vying for attention before the entire mass falls apart on the tongue.

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