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Kenny and Zuke’s is Open!

Pacific deli fans can finally rejoice, because the Oregon air is now filled with the scents of curing and smoking meats wafting out of Kenny and Zuke’s Delicatessen, which opens in Portland today. After living in a temporary home as a Sunday affair in a diner (dubbed Ken’s Place), the new deli is now housed in a permanent location at 1038 SW Stark Street, in the hipster heaven ACE Hotel.

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Kenny and Zuke’s shows tremendous promise. They are a new school deli that adheres to old school traditions of quality and cuisine, making as much as possible on the premesis. Just check out their menu. Their pastrami is cured and smoked in house. Their bagels and breads are baked in the basement. Eggs are free range and natural. It is as deli was meant to be…natural…pure…traditional…all with the freshest ingredients and minimal processing. They even ask patrons to turn off their cell phones at dinner! What heaven.

The menu looks trim and classic, with few dishes that veer too far from the canon of Ashkenazi cooking.
As I’m thousands of miles away, it’ll be some time before I can head over to Portland and check out the goods at Kenny and Zuke’s, so for now, you and I will have to discern what we can via secondhand sources.

A Flickr photoblogger, vj_pdx, took these great shots:


The Joint

Pastrami n’ Eggs

House cured, hand cut pastrami. photo courtesy of katez0r

There’s also a few early reviews, though they’ll trickle in shortly.

Willamette Week “Sweet Jesus guys. You’re killin’ me here.”

Neighborhood Notes “it is sooooooo worth it!”

Metro Blogging “…thick cut pastrami that tasted like it came from God’s kitchen.”

I’m sure we’ll hear more great reviews real soon. Good luck and mazel tov to Ken Gordon and Nick Zukin. What began as a hobby of making pastrami at a farmer’s market has blossomed into something great. Save the Deli wishes them many generations of success.
Ess Gezunt!

One Response to “Kenny and Zuke’s is Open!”

  1. deli fan Says:

    After having given Kenny and Zuke’s 3 tries, I am horribly sad to report that it is not good.
    The service stinks. The cut on the pastrami is dumb. For a time, they wouldn’t let you put your own mustard on the bread.
    Their pickles are crummy and a platter costs $5.

    They are sleeping soundly at 2nd Ave and The Carnegie tonight.

    rats. I had such high hopes too.

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