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A Year in the Life of Deli: STD turns 1


“This is a site for all deli lovers, whether those who are born Jewish or those who discovered their Semitic leanings the first time their tongue was blessed with the feeling of tangy mustard meeting a pile of glistening corned beef on soft rye. Here is a place where flunken fanatics can kibbitz with lox lunatics, where devoted fans of New Yorkís Katzís Delicatessen can compare, contrast, and argue with followers of LAís Langerís, or Montrealís Schwartzís. It will be a community of like minded fressers, craving those flavors so sacred and salty, that the mere mention of the word knish tugs at the heartstrings.”

I wrote those words a year ago tomorrow, as I prepared my first ever post for this site, while I sat in the cold condominium of my friend Dara, on the first day of my road trip around America. I’d just come back from meeting with Sy Ginsberg, had seen corned beef being made, and had visited delis in Detroit shielded behind bulletproof glass. The next day, I heard that the 2nd Ave Deli was going to reopen. It was a heady, hopeful time.

Since that first post I’ve been around America, to Montreal, to London, to Krakow, and to New York, visiting hundreds of Jewish delicatessens and eating more than my share of their delicious offerings. The people that I have encountered: the deli owners, the purveyors, the customers, the foodies, the cooks and countermen, have been the greatest part of this whole experience.

But mostly I want to thank you. The hundreds of decidated Save the Deli followers, and the thousands who pass through this site never fail to give me hope that the endangered world of deli is indeed loved and cared for. Your emails, links, comments, and suggestions have not only been helpful…they have warmed my heart.

So here’s to the next year, and the one after that (when the Save the Deli book finally hits the shelves). Plenty more photos, stories, and delis to talk about in 2008.

So go and celebrate our one year anniversary at a deli. I’m driving to Vermont to ski tomorrow night, and with any luck I’ll be eating Schwartz’s or Snowdon by sundown.

Zay Gezunt.

13 Responses to “A Year in the Life of Deli: STD turns 1”

  1. Lauren Says:

    Happy Birthday! What a year it has been. You’ve taken us around the world tasting sandwiches and other deli treats.
    But maybe you should re-think calling it STD?

  2. Stu Shiffman Says:

    Mazel Tov! Onwards and upwards.

  3. Cap Says:

    Good show! It’s been a long, satiating year of writing, travelling, and eating for you, and fun to witness. Can’t wait for the publishing to happen … I have a list of friends and co-workers who need to read this book. Mazel tov on your 1-year.

  4. Sy Ginsberg Says:

    To David Sax, founder and creator of the “Save the Deli” movement. Congratulations on your first anniversary. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed our meetings, conversations and emails. Checking the website has become a daily ritual for me. Your finger on the pulse of our industry has been helped me in many, many ways and I now feel more in touch with my peers. As a lover of “everything deli” I thank you for helping revive an awareness of our great heritage via the Jewish Delicatessen.

    Sincerely, Sy

  5. Jim Bunte Says:

    Congratulations, David, for your invaluable and passionate work here at!

  6. harvey goldberg Says:

    congrat,s david.keep going.great work.may the lox be with you.

  7. Christopher Farber Says:

    Mazel, Mazel. If I could kiss you, I would.

  8. Marty Marks Says:

    David, A heartfelt Mazel Tov on your first year ! I’m so looking forward to reading the book. Keep up the excellent postings because they connect all of us who cherish the Jewish Deli as has never been done previously. May you continue this noble enterprise for many years to come. Your friend Marty the Pastrami King.

  9. Dave Gelberman Says:

    mazel tov on your first anniversary ..may we all share many more years of fressing good old jewish deli food.


  10. embee Says:

    Hey David,

    Thanks for the effort and keep on chomping. It’s great to have this site. When I’m craving some real smoked meat, it gives me hope that it ain’t all dead yet.

    Now please take the next step and put some of the amazing profits I hope you make from your book into opening a REAL deli in Toronto.

  11. Terri Says:

    Mazel tov on your first year’s anniversary! Here in Vegas, I have yet to find a good Jewish deli. We miss the Rascal House sooo much. It was always packed and I can’t understand why they would close down this Miami icon. We need a Rascal House out here. It would be a ‘GOLD MINE’!

  12. julia s Says:

    I’ve had so much fun reading all your entries and eating vicariously through you, and of course, on my own. I can’t wait to see the book in print – please be sure to invite me to the launch in Toronto!
    Save the Deli!

  13. Bad Home Cook Says:

    I stumbled upon your blog after reading a piece in Guilty Pleasure and digging through the contributors list. Who knew there was a website devoted to my favorite dining experience?! Congrats on turning one. Keep it up, boyo. And if you’re ever out in L.A., I’ll spot you a knish at Greenblatt’s.

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