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Caplansky’s so popular, it runs out of meat!


When I wish a deli well, as I do to all delis, I hardly expect much of a reaction. I am but one man, and this is but one blog. But sometimes shit just goes so right, it actually goes wrong.

Such is the case with the opening of Caplansky’s, here in Toronto last Tuesday. I wrote about it in the Globe and Mail last Sunday, and posted on it Tuesday afternoon. That posting was my largest ever, bringing over 1000 visitors to this site in the past three days. There have been multiple Chowhound posts, and other blogs as well.

Well friends, the combination of attention and glowing reviews from eaters has had such a positive effect it’s actually a bit negative. You see, Zane Caplansky has run out of meat. Zane sent me a frantic email last night:

“They ate all my meat David. Everything. That was my whole first week’s supply. I’m embarrassed, but look forward to reopening June 19. The Monarch’s giving me half of their beer cooler to pickle in and I’ve got 18 briskets in process and another 30 coming tomorrow. 40 more next week too.”

Now, Zane could simply order up some pre-cured and smoked briskets from commercial purveyors. But he’s a stickler for quality, he’s committed to making it all from scratch, and his customers already respect that. All of which means it’s going to take time for those puppies to cure.

Zane understands that customers eagerly awaiting a taste of his magic will be disappointed, so for those of you who happen to show up for lunch, he’ll be offering 2 for 1 coupons for smoked meat. His soups, fries, and pickles will also be available, and I encourage you all to head over the Monarch, grab a brew, and talk shop with Zane for a bit.

What can I say folks. To those of us who want to save the deli, there’s no better sign that a deli that literally gets eaten out of product.

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  1. julia s Says:

    never underestimate the power of the pen! I will wait patiently!

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