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Never Put Ketchup on a Hot Dog

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

In one of my first posts ever, while visiting Chicago, I introduced you to Bob Schwartz, the Senior VP of Vienna Beef, the Chicagoland company best known for hot dogs and other deli meats. Bob’s as great a guy as you can meet in the deli industry. He talks with a Danny DeVito rasp and has a joyous shuffle about him. He loves to chat about the glory days of delis and hot dogs. The man sports a license plate that says PSTRAMI. He’s a legend. (more…)

Strub’s for sale rumours

Monday, July 21st, 2008

A rumor is floating around Toronto deli circles that the Strub pickle company, possibly the best pickles in all of Canada, and I’d argue further, is for sale. I haven’t confirmed this yet, but sources say that the company is having some troubles and the Strub family is looking to offload the name and the brand. (more…)

A “Delicatessen” that you’re not nearly cool enough for

Friday, July 18th, 2008

“…Ummm yeah, hold on for a second…that’s my Blackberry…apparently it’s Paris on the line…as in Hilton. Yeah, she’s just coming up from Nobu with Graydon and Orlando…anyway, are you on the guest list? No? Please step back. I’m serious, get the hell out of here fatty!”

Isaac “Ike” Starkman, Jerry’s Deli owner, dead

Monday, July 14th, 2008

There have been few people here at Save the Deli that I have expressed displeasure for, but one of those was certainly Isaac “Ike” Starkman, the founder and owner of the California chain Jerry’s Famous Deli, and the man ultimately responsible for the closing of Miami’s beloved Rascal House. I’ve remarked at my displeasure for the way Mr. Starkman and his sons cannibalized Rascal House and sold it for the chance of condominiums, trading on the name of the landmark deli. I even started a petition protesting this. Every attempt to interview him was refuted, ignored, and denied. (more…)

Battle of the Bubbies

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

This is a call for help.

On Labor Day this year I’m hosting a round table discussion for the Ashkenaz Jewish festival in Toronto called “Battle of the Bubbies” all about Jewish food. We’re seeing whether the Polish bubbies can do blintzes better than the Romanians, if the Litvaks know their gefilte fish more than the Galicianers, and where the German bubbies fit into all of this. More importantly, how has the experience of moving to Canada and seeing their children grow up affected their relationship to Jewish food?

But I’m having a tough time finding Bubbies for the panel. So I’m throwing the call for help your way. If any of you have parents, bubbies, or friends with bubbies who love to cook, eat, and debate (and are from the old country), please see if they’d be interested. You can get in touch with me via the site by the email link.

A Return to Maison David

Friday, July 4th, 2008

Ahhh mes amis. Cetait un long temps que nous avons visiter Paris, oui? Presque deux ans, je pense.

Yes friends, my grade school French was recently back in action as I vacationed with Lauren in the city of light. Like the Eiffel Tower, no visit to Paris would be complete without passing by Maison David, the kingdom of Michel Kalifa…butcher, charcuterie artist, wine expert, chef, flirtatious genius and possibly the most talented deli man in the world.

Stage Deli to Close in Vegas

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

Some sad news for Vegas fans to report. Those of you who love sin city, and want to celebrate your big wins (or staggering losses) at Caesar’s Palace with a towering pastrami sandwich from the Stage Deli are going to have to look elsewhere. After fifteen years in business, the outlet of the famous 7th Ave NY delicatessen is closing its location in the Forum shops of Caesar’s. The lease is up, business ain’t flying, and the gamblers want something else. (more…)

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