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Battle of the Bubbies

This is a call for help.

On Labor Day this year I’m hosting a round table discussion for the Ashkenaz Jewish festival in Toronto called “Battle of the Bubbies” all about Jewish food. We’re seeing whether the Polish bubbies can do blintzes better than the Romanians, if the Litvaks know their gefilte fish more than the Galicianers, and where the German bubbies fit into all of this. More importantly, how has the experience of moving to Canada and seeing their children grow up affected their relationship to Jewish food?

But I’m having a tough time finding Bubbies for the panel. So I’m throwing the call for help your way. If any of you have parents, bubbies, or friends with bubbies who love to cook, eat, and debate (and are from the old country), please see if they’d be interested. You can get in touch with me via the site by the email link.

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  1. Serge Says:

    I’d encourage you to frame that discussion as Ashkenazi food, not Jewish food tout court!

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