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Hungry Magazine: Lowenstein’s Revenge

I want to pass along a great article that one of you sent me recently. “Lowenstein’s Revenge”, appears in the online Hungry Magazine. I think it speaks to many of our attachments, hopes, fears, and feelings towards the delis in our lives. Our relationship with them occurs over many years, and as they become woven into the fabric of our routine, so too does that relationship become more complicated. Either way, it’s a wonderful nostalgic tale of New York delis over many years. Enjoy.

I’ve had my share of deli in this life….perhaps more than I should, certainly enough to make me a member of the deli cognoscenti and a prime candidate for a coronary. Post War II middle class Jews (like my parents….first generation Americans) had a foot in both camps too, at a time when perfunctory cardiac surgery was only a dream. When the second shoe dropped it sent the offender straight from the Knishes to the Kaddish, the ancient Aramaic biblical or Talmudic passage recited by mourners at a funeral, upon learning of a death, or any commemoration of it.


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