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Smorgasbord Day

Sometimes, especially after you’ve been screaming “Woooo Obama” in the streets until 2:30 AM, you just want to phone in your blog post.
I’ve had a whole bunch of emails about different deli projects piling up in my inbox, so I’m going to do my best to compile them into one big fat post today.

1. Noah’s Ark deserves a Mazel Tov

Rudy wishes mazel tov as well

Twenty years is a long time in the deli business, and in the glatt kosher deli business it is eons. So please send a hearty mazel tov to New Jersey’s Noah’s Ark, which celebrates two decades in business this month. If you can’t make it out to Teaneck to visit the original, don’t worry, they have one on Orchard Street, in the heart of the Lower East Side…one of the few delis ever to open in the neighborhood in the past few decades.

2. Birmingham to get Max’s Deli

Birmingham Alabama, about the last place on earth anyone would expect a Jewish deli, is getting…a Jewish deli. Hey, anything is possible in the United States of Obama!

Here’s the press release:

Bucking a recent trend of major closings in the national restaurant industry, Max’s Deli – an East Coast style delicatessen that will carry many favorites, including hot corned beef and chicken matzo-ball soup, is set to open at 3431 Colonnade Parkway sometime before this year’s holiday season. The two partners involved, local restaurateur Steven Dubrinsky and Dr. Clifford Samen, will announce the specific opening date at a later time. Max’s will cater to the underserved greater Birmingham market by offering only the finest kosher-style corned beef, brisket and rotisserie turkey breast. Other favorites offered at Max’s will include beef short ribs, delicious salads and a full breakfast menu served anytime.

3. Lansky’s Old World Deli opens on the Upper West Side

Jeez, I understand this election took up most of our attention, but it seems like the whole damn New York food world missed out on the very significant opening of a brand new, high profile, and very promising Jewish deli in the heart of Manhattan’s Jewish heaven, the Upper West Side. Whoa! Hold onto your GAP bags people.

Lansky’s Old World Delicatessen is helmed by Chef/Restaurateur David Ruggerio, an Italian by way of Brooklyn chef with several other restaurants and a cooking show on CBS. From the pictures, the place looks damn impressive, as does the menu, and thus far, the reviews are mostly good. Nothing crazy or fancy or outlandish here, just a nice looking new deli with a classic menu. Very promising. I’ll have to make it up there shortly and bring back a full report.

2 Responses to “Smorgasbord Day”

  1. Marilla Wex Says:

    Okay, David, this is not fair. You’re making me want to move to New York. Again. Stop it.

  2. Stu Shiffman Says:

    Is that Meyer Lansky’s Old World Deli?

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