Save the Deli

Save the Deli on “Kenny vs. Spenny”

Of of my brother’s favorite shows, and one of the sickest out there, is Kenny vs. Spenny, a quasi reality show where two roommates try to outdo each other in sweet, tasteless competitions. My friend Tracy was a producer on it, and when the topic was “Who Can Be a Better Jew?”, I got the call for the deli segment. We did it at Moe Pancer’s, in Toronto, where the show’s filmed. Kenny Hotz is actually a deli maven with few equals. He’s been to delis far and wide, has a tongue that can pick out the pickles, and is a lover of the whole deli culture.

The clip’s below. My brief appearance is at the end, around the 8:30 mark.

3 Responses to “Save the Deli on “Kenny vs. Spenny””

  1. Cap Says:

    Now THAT’S hilarious. You’re on the TV a lot lately. How long til you get an imdb listing?

  2. Lauren Says:

    David Sax,
    Very good performance.
    However, why are you wearing a 2nd Ave Deli T-shirt at Pancer’s? That is pretty rude. I mean it’s like going to a Neil Young concert wearing a Bob Dylan t-shirt. You do have a Pancer’s baseball cap if I am correct?

  3. Caplansky Says:

    “Mega Jew”? Didn’t know you were qualified to bestow such a designation but know that I know… how does one apply? And if I am so honoured can I put an MJ on by business card?

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