Save the Deli

A 2nd 2nd Ave Deli. For real this time.

Last year there was a rumor floating around that a 2nd 2nd Ave Deli was set to open. It turned out to be false, just some errant information and hope when Jeremy Lebewohl and Co. opened their comissary.

But now there’s fresh rumors, coming from multiple sources, and they’re too convincing to ignore.

It seems as if the 2nd Ave Deli is planning on opening another location, this time on the deli starved Upper East Side. Jeremy asked me to hold off on the details of the exact place, because the real estate deal hasn’t closed, but he’s very excited about the opportunity.

“I’m going to try to maximize the space to its fullest.” Jeremy just told me, “My intentions are to basically build another 2nd Ave Deli. The UES is a different neighborhood, with a different client base, and different eating habits. A realistic goal is that I would ideally like to be open before the Jewish holidays at the end of this year. That’s now my target. You can call me stupid and/or crazy for doing this, but I’ve got a great product, I”m not bashful to say it. Even with a second location, that same flavor that you have at 33rd St, you’ll feel the same haymish relationship, just as you did on 2nd Ave. That feeling’s just as important to bring to the location as the food is. You’ll feel like you’re walking into a family run business up there. I promise”

I’ve heard from several people that Jeremy, Jack and the good folks at the deli were looking uptown for the past few months, so this seems to confirm it. This is big news. Just three years after closing, and one after reopening, the 2nd Ave Deli is on its way to becoming a mini-empire of sorts. Lord knows they’ve been successful so far in Murray Hill. Now it’s time to spread the love around.

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