Save the Deli

Year of the Pickle

Gun Hey Fah Choi!

That’s Shana Tova to all our Chinese brothers out there, those who complete the other half of our dietary existence. It’s the year of the Ox, which makes me wonder why Jewish years never really have their own animal or symbol…

Well, apparently that problem’s now been solved by a company named Jewzo, for the Jewish Zodiac. They’ve assigned each astrological year a corresponding Jewish food, which is just fine by me.

Born in 1979, I’m in the Year of Chicken Soup
“You’re a healer, nourishing all whom you encounter. We feel better just being in your presence. Mothers want to bring you home to meet their children: resist this at all costs. Compatible with Bagel and Knish.”

The whole Jewish Zodiac thing was cooked up by comedy writer Seth Front, and is mainly used to sell t-shirts, hats, mugs, and other stuff with the logos on it. But the designs and slogans are really great.

It really runs the gamut of the deli and appetizing menu, from shmear, chopped liver, and egg creams, to bagels, lox, and pastrami.

Sounds like a great gift for this new year, especially for your Chinese friends.

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