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Wonderword Save the Deli Puzzle

Something fun for you all today.

A few months back Toronto Life published an article I’d written about Toronto’s deli scene. The magazine received many impassioned letters, but none more vocal than that of one David Ouellet, who said things such as “You should have gone to Montreal and done the research yourself because whoever you hired to write the “Here’s the Beef” piece is totally off. As an unabashed smoked meat addict, please, next time, get a Montréaler to spread the truth.” and “Secondly, any review of smoked meat that doesn’t mention the Center Street Deli has no credibility.”

Naturally, I responded with my usual tact and barrage of facts, not to mention a bit of chest flaring, because out there in the world of deli lovers, there’s no room to back down. Well, I won a shred of David’s respect and we got to talking about delis. Turns out that he designs Wonderword puzzles for a living and he asked me if I’d like to write up one based on Save the Deli. The result is below, and I’ve received word from several of you that it’s appeared in newspapers from Montreal to Cleveland. Many thanks to David for his excellent work on this. I’m truly honored. Now if only we could do a crossword puzzle, we’d be in business.


5 Responses to “Wonderword Save the Deli Puzzle”

  1. Zane Says:

    I’m shocked and totally honoured. I’ll want this for my placemat. Where can I get copies?

  2. harvey Says:

    me too

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