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Mixed Bag Day

Friday is definitely mixed bag day, especially with the deluge of mail that’s come in. Since was linked in the New York Times twice in Milton Parker’s obituary, I’ve seen more visitors to this site than any time since it started two years back. Which reminds me, I missed the two year anniversary last week, so let’s celebrate it now.

A lot of small things today:

1. Another Great Parker Obit from the Washington Post

Sandwiches at Manhattan’s Carnegie Deli continue to be stacked taller than the human jaw can handle. But Milton Parker, the deli man who affixed CPM (Corned beef and Pastrami Maven) to his name on business cards and transformed his midtown restaurant into a New York tourist attraction known the world over, died Jan. 30 at age 90…..”He gave us deli as a destination, deli as theater, and in turn influenced American food service well beyond the deli world,” said David Sax, author of an upcoming book about Jewish delicatessens and founder of, a blog and Web site for deli lovers. “He wasn’t just a deli man. He was a deli visionary.” CLICK HERE TO READ THE REST

2. Noah’s Ark Voted Best Kosher Deli in Bergen NJ again

From 201 Magazine:
Noah’s Ark Restaurant & Deli, Teaneck
As it did in 2008, Noah’s Ark has captured the hearts and stomachs of many (201) readers by once again topping the list of kosher delis. Debra Prince of Englewood would brave floods to grab a table for their “fantastic menu and great variety of different foods.” A customer for nearly two decades, she’s thrilled with recent additions to the burger bar, where she and her kids love “the variety of options given to build your own burger, and of course, the high-end quality meat.”

3. Finally, something funny for you all. This site came to my attention yesterday, and it’s pure brilliance.

And if that isn’t dirty enough, the fat, racist, rants of the Kid From Brooklyn are always sharp and abusive. He ain’t happy that Katz’s don’t have no parking. Not Safe For Work, not to mention kids or anyone that gets even remotely offended.

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  1. Jan van Goyen Says:

    Very very funny…that kid from Brooklyn. I thought he was going to burst an artery

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