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Most Delis Named in One Minute

I’m generally not one to brag, but let’s face it, there’s few people who know as much about delis as I do. Whether this is something to brag about is entirely debatable, but I was recently asked to put this to the test.

Last week my friend Dan Rollman invited me to a meeting of the World Record Appreciation Society, a live event put on by the Universal Record Database, which is the coolest world record organization out there. It allows anyone to set a record, so long as it’s breakable, quantifiable, and legal. Check out their site

The challenge was thus: how many delis could I name, without a list, in a minute. Check out the video below to see how I did.

Not terrible. I must say I was disappointed, and I will find that Carnegie heckler and deliver sweet justice. But in a way I’m glad I set the bar low. Because the best part of URDB is that anyone can film a record breaking attempt and upload it to the site. So I challenge you Save the Deli fans: how many delis can you name in a minute. So far my record’s 30. Beat it and I’ll try again. Let’s see who’s more of a deli fanatic…me or you.

My Record Can be Found Here

To beat it, record your submission via a webcam or digital camera, and upload it here.

Then email me and let’s get this competition on!

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  1. Vera Says:


  2. oldsalt Says:

    Yo David,
    Pretty darn good! Don’t know if I could top that.
    Did you get Greenblatt’s (L.A.) or Nate & Al’s
    (Beverly Hills)?

  3. Gamall Says:

    Trying to send you an email but your site form not working

  4. Charles Foss Says:

    This is a I adore examples of articles which were written, and especially the comments posted! I will come back!

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