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The Cool Jews Like Us: Heeb

Got a nice shout out from Heeb Magazine yesterday (well, their blog). For those who don’t know, Heeb is the edgy, slick, often snarky youth culture magazine of Jewish America, and it’s always a real treat to read.

Look Ma, No Rush!

Some people want to save the environment. Others want to save starving children in Africa. And still others want to save Ferris Bueller. And finally, there are even other-others who want to save…Jewish delis? Well at least one person does.

Armed with a website called SavetheDeli (and a love for chopped chicken liver), David Sax is hopelessly committed to saving the endangered species serving as “a hallowed temple of salted and cured meats.”

In addition to the website, Sax has recently found another way of putting his inexplicable passion for these ethnic eateries to good use: He just claimed the record for “Most Jewish Delis Named in One Minute.” I dunno about you, but I can barely name two delis…wait…Carnegie, Katz’s, Stage…yay, that’s three!

Peep this video of Sax’s record-breaking deli expertise.

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