Save the Deli

Damn you YouTube

So it seems that the legal powers that be at the record labels and youtube have decided to freeze a bunch of my videos because of the soundtrack music in the background. Which means I may have to re-edit or use the crappy music they have available, and that these vids won’t be as awesome as before.

Once again, the record industry is showing itself to be as nimble as a dead sloth. Why not just pop an ad in front of my video and let me use my minute of your song? Don’t you know this is the way things are going?


3 Responses to “Damn you YouTube”

  1. extramsg Says:

    Amen. The record industry deserves a slow death.

  2. Cap Says:

    With all the full music videos set to graphics of their hackers on youtube, they were really worried about yours? You bettah license that sh*t on the creative commons or something.

  3. Bradley Beach Says:

    I can just imagine a YouTube SWAT team with a picture of Save the Deli up on a wall and circled….with the watch commander yelling ‘take-em out’. You can bet Munch wasn’t behind it.

    Google must be real busy these days.

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