Save the Deli

Are you ready for Save the Deli?

It’s official folks. Save the Deli the book is heading to the presses shortly.

After nearly three years of toil and gluttony, the publishers have both confirmed their publication dates, which means the day this puppy hits the bookshelves of stores, Amazon, and delis everywhere.

In the United States, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt will start selling the book on October 19th.

In Canada, McClelland & Stewart will sell it on October 20th (it’s a day behind because of the time difference).

Here’s what the Canadian cover is going to look like (the US cover is still being tweaked).

And here’s what Houghton Mifflin Harcourt is using as the description for the book:

As a journalist and life-long deli obsessive, David Sax was understandably alarmed by the state of Jewish delicatessen– a cuisine that once sat at the very center of Jewish life had become endangered by assimilation, homogenization, and health food trends. He watched one beloved deli after another shut down, one institution after another shutter only to be reopened as some bland chain-restaurant laying claim to the very culture it just paved over.

And so David set out on a journey across the United States and around the world in search of authentic delicatessen. Was it still possible to Save the Deli?

Join David as he investigates everything deli– its history, its diaspora, its next generation.
He tells us about the food itself—how it’s made, who makes it best, and where to go for particular dishes. And, ultimately, there there is for hope– David finds deli newly and lovingly made in places like Boulder, traditions maintained in Montreal, and iconic institutions like the 2nd Avenue Deli resurrected in New York. So grab a pastrami on rye and sit down for a great read– because Save the Deli is an energetic cultural history of Jewish food, a vibrant travelogue, and a rallying cry for a new generation of food lovers.

It’ll run 336 Pages and cost $24.00 US and $32.99 CDN

So start saving your pennies and get ready to buy the living hell out of this book, because it’s going to be like the blog but a pound or two heavier, and it also keeps me alive. There’s going to be talks and speaking engagements all over the country, and I’ll soon be adding more features to the site (including the much requested deli database). Get ready Save the Deli faithful. This is our year.

Are you psyched yet?

14 Responses to “Are you ready for Save the Deli?”

  1. Marilla Says:

    David – mazl tov! That’s so exciting. Can’t wait to read it! PS – Sabu is thinking of starting a salt beef stall in Toronto….

  2. Deliinmybelli Says:

    When (and more importantly WHERE) will you be holding your release party?

  3. Cap Says:

    Can’t believe it’s finally here!! Congratulations on your cover. The splash graphic behind your names makes you seem really cool. Like, Christian-Lander-cool.

  4. Plays With Food Says:

    Looking forward to it!

  5. julia s Says:

    so exciting! I am saving all my pennies!!!

  6. Eric Katz Says:


    Can we actually eat the book after reading it, or will it be the new way of hiding the Afikomen?

    Eric Katz

  7. Zane Says:

    Mazel Tov! I insist on holding a book launch party for you.

  8. Lauren Says:

    I’m psyched! I love deli.

  9. Kylie Says:

    David, This is such fabulous news! can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. Have your publishers mentioned selling it in Australia?

  10. Chas Newkey-Burden Says:

    Great! Really looking forward to buying, reading and blogging about!

  11. Tracy Says:

    I’ll buy it straight from Chapters. I won’t even wait for it to come out at Costco.

  12. Jordan Bookman Says:

    Sax! This is great! Can’t wait to read it! Save the deli!

  13. Anthony Silverbrow Says:

    Great news but what about a UK release?

  14. David Sax Says:

    Right now the book’s slated for a US/Canada release, but I’m sure it’ll be out in the UK sometime. You could probably order it online.

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