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Happy end of Pesach to you all (or at least those who can’t wait until tonight). I had pancakes for breakfast, asserting my Reforness fully.

In Toronto this week, having meetings with the publisher about marketing ideas for the book (the US meeting happened a few weeks back). I want to tap into your collective imaginations and see what ideas you all have to help promote the book. What are your thoughts for viral campaigns, guerilla marketing, stunts, events, or other fun things that we can do in October to get Save the Deli into as many hands as possible.

I’m looking for whatever you’ve got. Please email me any suggestions or post them below.

9 Responses to “Marketing Ideas”

  1. Richard Says:

    Do you have a summary of what the book is that you can share?

  2. Cap Says:

    How about handing out pastrami-poppers at Spadina and Bloor, outside the JCC?

    Surround it with large posters of the book cover, to raise awareness and word-of-mouth, and postcards of your sticker they can take with them, that have ordering and gifting information?

  3. Mark Says:

    Maybe you can get Trump’s Aprentice show to do a fund raiser using your book..Which team can sell the most.

    How about an ad on the Food Network.

    Your book has to be better than “Why Do Men have Nipples” so I suspect that you shouldn’t have any problems getting on the New York Times Best Seller List (unless the NYT folds)!

    Good Luck David and I look forward to reading your book in the fall.


  4. Marshall Says:

    So authors do book signings, right? Shouldn’t you do your at pre-eminent deli’s across North America? Who needs Border’s and Barnes & Noble when you can have Schwartz’s in Montreal, Manny’s and the Bagel in Chicago, Corky & Lenny’s in Beachwood, Art’s, Langer’s and Nate & Al’s in LA and untold others.

  5. Roger Says:

    The big news in the States right now are the so-called “Tea Parties.” Make it a protest, with speakers and picket signs, and call it a “Pastrami Party.” This might not work in Canada.

    Stage hamantashen-latke debates & invite the media.

  6. Roger (again) Says:

    As part of your tour, try to get on the Daily Show. Jon Stuart will have a field day with your book and probably move a few thousand for you, too.

  7. Pam in Toronto Says:

    Get fellow bloggers and Tweeter (on twitter) to move it for you. It’s amazing how fast news travels that way. I volunteer to participate!

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