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The US Cover is Here

So we’ve seen the Canadian book cover, but now it’s time to see what the good folks at my US publisher, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt have come up with.



That’s a Carnegie Deli pastrami sandwich, in case you were wondering. Last month I went out with my best friend and photographer Christopher Farber (whose shots grace much of the book) to Carnegie, Stage, 2nd Ave Deli, and Katz’s. Several hundred shots of those sandwiches later, this is what the publisher picked. It’s a sloppy, greasy, mustard slathered mess of delicatessen porn and I think it’s awesome.

Check out the outtakes from the photo shoot here.

Many thanks to my stellar editor Jenna Johnson for making this happen. One day I’ll show you all the original suggestions. But not yet.

7 Responses to “The US Cover is Here”

  1. julia s Says:

    Perfect! Makes any deli lover salivate, and isn’t that what it’s all about! Congratulations to you and Chris and Jenna – can’t wait until the book is launched!

  2. Stu Shiffman Says:

    Now that’s pretty, David! And they reproduced the blog logo pretty well with a neat rubber-stamp look.

  3. Zane Says:

    I think its awesome too. Mazel tov!

  4. Jack Weiss Says:

    Hand cut and beautiful; I didn’t know that the Carnegie hand cuts.

  5. Rabbi Jeff Stiffman Says:

    No deli in St. Louis makes a sandwich like that. Just seeing the picture makes me salivate! The book will probably make me ravenously hungry. Kol hakavod!

  6. Plays With Food Says:

    Love it love it love it!

  7. Pamela Fontaine Says:

    Fantastic! Can’t wait for the Canadian version… will the cover feature be a smoked meat from Schwartz’s?

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