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Feliz Cinco de Mayo (hold the mayo)

It’s Cinco de Mayo today, which means Mexicans everywhere are celebrating their independence with Margheritas, cerveza, and carnitas. So I’m taking a moment to acknowledge this awesome holiday (and can be found at Brooklyn’s Nuevo Mexico tonight), for several reasons.

1. Mexico is a great place, and their taquerias are the current equivalent of our delis. Their immigrants came as ours did, in search for a better life, and many of them brought their foods to this country (or any country). Twenty years ago, salsa and chips were exotic foods that one ate at giant gaudy places like Chi-Chi’s. Today they’re ubiquitous, along with burritos, tacos, tamales, etc… When I see families working their butt off to make their little taquerias succeed, I see deli men from a century ago with those same struggles.

2. Because Mexican workers, in much of America, are the ones doing most of the cooking in Jewish delis. We may think it’s all Hymie’s and Joshua’s in the back of the deli’s kitchen, but in reality the majority of the matzo balls and briskets have been prepared by a Juan or Marta or Mauricio. If it weren’t for Mexican labor, delis simply would run, and we owe nuestros amigos a fair bit of gracias.

Para realizar eso, quiero introducir una comida que es un fusion de las cocinas Judio y Mexicano. Se viene de Brent’s Delicatessen en Los Angeles, y es un creacion de uno de los cocineros Mexicano. Es un taco hecho con el brisket del delicatessen, y es muy rico. Viene con salsa, aguacante, y schmaltz.

This is a brisket taco, in case you didn’t understand the above.


Seems like there’s free kosher tequila and pastrami tacos here in New York today!

6 Responses to “Feliz Cinco de Mayo (hold the mayo)”

  1. Marilla Says:

    I want that outfit for Farfl – even though she’s a girl!

  2. Deliinmybelli Says:

    Not to be too much of a stickler, but Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican Independence Day – which is actually September 16.

  3. David Sax Says:

    You are right Deliinmybelli, ” The holiday commemorates the Mexican army’s unlikely victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862″

    I stand corrected. Lo siento.

  4. rosary Says:

    cutest dog picture ever!

  5. çelik raf sistemleri Says:

    Awesome work, Dave. It looks great.

  6. depo rafı Says:

    Mazel Tov David! I’m looking forward to reading your book.

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