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Hold the Schmaltz! (Rascal House the Final Hours) The Film

It’s been just over a year since the great Miami deli The Rascal House was closed down by greed, haste, and foolishness.

Now comes a film about that final day. Thanks to comedian, performer, and magician Adam Steinfeld (Jewish?), I present “Hold the Schmaltz”.

Here’s my experience a year before:

Still painful.

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  1. Jan Van Goyen Says:

    The Rascal House was a very busy place. It had steel railings outside so the line would form in an orderly fashion with no arguments. And it had long lines in the winter. It wasn’t that busy for the last 7 years and the owners never fixed the outside sign after the 2005 hurricane.
    Wolfies was another great Miami beach deli that closed in 2000 or so

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