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First Review: Publisher’s Weekly

The first review for the book is out!

Publisher’s Weekly
is the industry bible, and they publish reviews well before anyone else, mostly for insiders and buyers in the industry, but also for readers like you.


It sounds as though they liked it. Read on, and be the judge yourself:

Save the Deli: In Search of Perfect Pastrami, Crusty Rye, and the Heart of Jewish Delicatessen David Sax. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, $24 (336p) ISBN 978-0-15-101384-5

“This is a book about Jewish food,” Sax’s prologue reminds, “and it would be a shame to read it on an empty stomach.” It’s true; just a few chapters in, and you’ll find yourself hungry for hot pastrami sandwiches, matzo ball soup, maybe even ready to try some gribenes (chicken skin fried in chicken fat). As freelance writer Sax explains, however, it’s getting harder and harder for even the best delicatessens to stay open; the profit margins on sandwiches are atrocious, and young Jewish families tend not to embrace the food the way their ancestors did. Still, Sax has found a few truly outstanding delis, and not just in New York City—joyful moments in this otherwise elegiac travelogue come with the discovery of delicious schmaltz in Colorado, or the legendary smoked meats of Montreal. Along the way, he interviews deli owners, meat cutters and customers, digging deep into local histories wherever he visits. The well-crafted portraits don’t string together perfectly, but individual chapters shine—such as the passages on the death and rebirth of Manhattan’s Second Avenue Deli or the disappointment of Poland’s attempts to reinvigorate a Jewish culture almost obliterated by the Holocaust. A helpful appendix includes addresses of all the delis Sax discusses and then some; readers in the right cities are sure to start planning visits straight away. (Oct. 19)


5 Responses to “First Review: Publisher’s Weekly”

  1. julia s Says:

    Bring it on!!!!! Fantastic!

  2. steve rothstein Says:

    salivating in anticipation of the book.
    had montreal smoked meat last night. i’m sure that you are all envious.

  3. Marilla Says:

    Hey David

    Congratulations on the review! And thanks for sending the galley – we’re reading it now. It makes me so hungry, though, and with Yitz’s only at the top of our road I have to be careful…….

  4. Moshe Says:

    As a lifelong deli eater and past PW reviewer, I’d say that’s quite a nice review. Congrats.

    But even before seeing it, I’ve pre-ordered the book on Amazon.



  5. Steve Says:

    Any good delis in Atlanta? A friend says there’s a need for one.

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