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Caplansky’s eating its way out of the Monarch

As I told you before, Caplansky’s in Toronto is leaving the Monarch Tavern to open up its own space down College. Zane’s decided to make this transition in the way he’s done everything: by allowing the flow of sandwich eating to dictate his schedule. So when the meat runs out, the doors close.

Says Caplansky on his blog today:

I decided not to order more meat to the Monarch last week so we’re going to keep going until its all gone and once its gone, we’re done. I don’t expect the meat supply to last until the end of the month. The new place should be open in late August so that’ll give us a month to figure everything out. There’s a pretty big “to do” list when you open a restaurant.

So there you have it folks. If you love the sweet dank of Caplansky’s at the Monarch, with its UFC fights, its Playboy pinball machine, and its draft beers, head over asap and order one of the last sandwiches before the move. There’s going to be a serious hiatus in smoked meat sales for a few weeks, but then we’ll all be rewarded with a new temple to call our own. So long Monarch, you’ve served us well.

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  1. carolyn Says:

    I’m gonna miss Caplansky’s at the Monarch. We went last Friday for our final farewell. Going to Schwartz’s in Montreal this weekend for our fix!

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