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New Banner, New Review, and a discount at Stanley’s

A quick roundup of things today.

First off, look up. No, not to your ceiling, but a few inches above these very words. See that great new banner? See how the sandwich is drawing you in, and then the picture of the books hold your attention? See how if you click now and pre-order you can save up to 37% on a copy of my book? That’s thirty seven percent folks! About the price of a sandwich. Which you’ll want after reading the book. Thanks to Francis Li of Random House Canada for designing this.

Secondly, I just got word of a really nice advance review from Library Journal. LJ is a magazine and site that libraries all over America subscribe to, helping them figure out what books to stock. It also has reviews written by librarians. Here’s mine:

Sax, David. Save the Deli: In Search of Perfect Pastrami, Crusty Rye, and the Heart of Jewish Delicatessen. Houghton Harcourt. Oct. 2009. c.336p. photogs. ISBN 978-0-15-101384-5. $24. COOKERY

Sax, a lifelong deli aficionado who maintains a web site devoted to its history and preservation (, is a freelance journalist who has written for such publications as New York, Rolling Stone, and Wine Spectator. His first book is both a history of the Jewish deli, tracing its patchwork of Eastern European roots, and a culinary travel guide that begins in New York and crisscrosses the country, stopping in such unlikely places as Kansas City, MO, and Scottsdale, AZ, before moving on to Canada and Europe. Sax’s descriptions of each deli, the people who work there, and the meals he eats along the way are vivid and conversational, and he reminds us that those cured meats piled high on rye, soups glowing with melted chicken fat, and buttery rugelach are an endangered species. “Save the deli” is more than a title; it’s a call to arms. Sax closes with a humorous glossary of food and Yiddish terms and a list of the delis he visited. VERDICT Similar to Cheryl and Bill Jamison’s Around the World in 80 Dinners, this engaging book should delight anyone with an interest in culinary history and Jewish food.—Rosemarie Lewis, Miami-Dade P.L. Syst.

God bless you Rosemarie Lewis of Miami-Dade P.L. and many many thanks. That’s a quality review.

Finally, a bit of economic stimulus for all those living in Indianapolis. Stanley’s Deli, which opened earlier this year is offering patrons a great break for tough times. If you print off the coupon shown below, and bring it in, you’ll receive a free sandwich once you buy a single sandwich and two soft drinks. So two can eat for the price of one! Thanks Stanley’s.


3 Responses to “New Banner, New Review, and a discount at Stanley’s”

  1. Lauren Says:

    i don’t think anyone should get a discount. this thing is worth full price!!!!!!!

  2. Daniel Says:

    Hedge Funds have apparently started ordering the books by the 1,000s hoping to flip them for a higher price when the books are released. Some suspect that in 5 years collectors may pay as much as $50,000 for a first edition. $10,000 more if it’s stained with mustard.

  3. Chris Says:

    $24.00 in the States, $32.99 in Canada (equivalent to US$29.95) Anybody else see a problem here?

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