Save the Deli

The Jelvis Deli Tour

That’s right, Jelvis. As in the Jewish Elvis.

Aka Will Morgan, but please call him Jelvis.

The New York entertainer has just completed his deli tour last weekend, stopping at delis all over Manhattan and raising money for the Jewish hunger fighting charity Mazon.

Sounds like one hunka hunka burnin’ kishka to me

Don’t forget his other songs like “In the Shtetl”:

On a cold and grey Warsaw morn,
Another little cheder boy is born
In the Shtetl

And “Suspicious Brine”

What smells so wrong with these pickles
It’s suspicious brine (suspicious briiiine)
We should pour it out
This suspicious briiiine

And finally, “Steam Me Tender”

Steam me tender
Steam me true
Like a brisket should.

Slice me thin
For the Jews
On a block of wood.

Thank you, thank you. Jelvis has left the building.

5 Responses to “The Jelvis Deli Tour”

  1. Jelvis Jewish Elvis Says:

    thanks for the terrific page! Shake, Rattle, n Shalom!

  2. eric k Says:


    There are those of us who believe the real Jewish Elvis is actually Neil Diamond. This was brought to my attention by a rock and roll friend named Mark Filipiuk of Geneva Switzerland. Find any picture of the Diamond from 72 to 75 and study the mutton chop sidewalls. I am sure you will agree.

    Eric (on behalf of Cracklin’ Rosie)

  3. stuart ballin Says:

    Makes me hungry, all of this.

  4. stuart ballin Says:

    There is only one Jelvis. The others are just wannabes.

  5. Rashi Kulkarni Says:

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