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Baltimore’s Lenny’s to close and Attman’s to move

Looks like change is coming to Baltimore’s Corned Beef Row

Reports Edward Gunts in the Baltimore Sun

Baltimore’s Corned Beef Row appears to be losing a deli and gaining a larger museum.

The Jewish Museum of Maryland announced Wednesday that the museum and its parent organization, The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore, this week acquired Lenny’s Delicatessen at 1150 E. Lombard Street for $1.5 million so the museum can build a new wing and create additional visitor parking…..This is the second change announced this summer for Corned Beef Row, after the owners of Attman’s Deli disclosed that they were exploring plans to construct a new restaurant at 1101 E. Lombard St. to replace their current location at 1019 E. Lombard St.

It’s a real shame that Lenny’s sold out (though their location in the burbs is alive and kicking). Now Corned Beef Row is down to Attman’s only, though perhaps the move will beef up the area. Wait and see.

**** Correction. As informed by the comments below, I was wrong. Weiss Deli is still alive and kicking on Lombard. The corned beef is still in the slicer. Fear not Baltimore!****

7 Responses to “Baltimore’s Lenny’s to close and Attman’s to move”

  1. Signman Says:

    Weiss’ Delly is still alive on Lombard Street and serving a tasty sandwich at a good price. Fresh coddies everyday, too.

  2. Sam Says:

    Signman is correct! Weiss has the best corned beef this side of New York. Don’t believe me? Give it a try. He does his own corned beef, not salty like many, fresh brisket from the steam box every time. Ask for a large, see what you get for the money…Don’t be intimidated by the decor. No frills, very plain, but who cares when it comes to a very good corned beef that is hard to find in this area…Beware of the long lunch lines.

  3. Simone Ellin Says:

    Despite the Jewish Museum of Maryland’s acquisition of the Lenny’s property, we would like to stress that the Museum will be leasing the property back to the deli at least until 2013 when we hope to begin an expansion project. The Museum looks forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Lenny’s Deli for years to come.

  4. Zane Says:

    what’s a “coddie”

  5. Sam Says:

    A Coddie is like a small crab cake, but cod fish is used in place of the crab…Weiss makes them fresh daily, usually eaten with a couple of crackers and a Dr. Browns soda. Taste great and inexpensive, quick fix to hold one over.

  6. Jim in Hartford Says:

    Attmans is the real deal..we used to drive up from DC to get the “soul food”. Lenny’s looked like a tourist trap..decent corned beef though.

  7. David Says:

    Not only is the city Lenny’s not closing, but they have already leased a prime inner harbor location. I can’t wait for that to open.

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