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Caplansky’s 2.0 to open this Saturday (correction!)

It’s been over a month since they left the Monarch, a year since Zane started selling his smoked meat, but the wait is almost over.

This Saturday (I know I said Friday, I was wrong), Caplansky’s Deli opens for previews at 356 College St. in Toronto.

What’ll he serve? Smoked meat of course, and knishes, but also matzo ball soup, lox eggs and onion, locally raised rib steaks, chopped liver, kishke (!), corned beef and pickled tongue. Think of it as a computer program. The Monarch was Beta. We’re now into full production.

This Saturday.


4 Responses to “Caplansky’s 2.0 to open this Saturday (correction!)”

  1. Daniel Sax Says:

    Love it! Can’t wait to try the meats and put my butt in them new seats.

  2. Lauren Says:

    mazel tov zane– i love your logo- let us know who did it.

  3. Evan Says:

    Will the poutine be carried over? I hope so…

  4. julia s Says:

    Sounds sooo good – what should we have? All the very best to you,Zane !

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