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Jelvis is hitting the road and a little video from Toronto

So here we are in San Fran. Beautiful day. Just went for a jog. Had a great event at Saul’s last night. Doing something fun at Miller’s tonight. And then tomorrow night at Bookpassage. Then LA, then Chicago, then Miami, Philly, Montreal…and on and on.

First off, some incredible news. Jelvis, the Jewish Elvis, had so much fun at the big launch in NYC, that he’s grabbing the guitar and jumpsuit and heading on the road to meet me. He’ll be performing at my talk at Langer’s in Los Angeles this Wednesday at 2:20, and then at Manny’s Delicatessen, in Chicago on Thursday at 6pm. Should be awesome. Jelvis lives!!!

Just want to share a few things from the past few days.

Here’s a quick video interview that I did with the business channel BNN before the Toronto launch party.

And here’s a little snippet from the night at Caplansky’s. Waiting for photos soon. And the Varsity Jews.

2 Responses to “Jelvis is hitting the road and a little video from Toronto”

  1. Al (Torontovore) Says:

    Watched the video from Caplansky’s. I was a Monarch fan but haven’t had a chance to visit the new location so it was interesting to see it. I did wonder whether Wolfie’s was not part of the shout-outs on purpose. Were they maybe invited but declined? They are my local deli with a long history in the neighbourhood along with Pancers.

  2. David Sax Says:

    Dave Gelberman was invited, but wasn’t able to attend.

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