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Windy City Here I Come (and more press)

The sun has set over the Hollywood hills and I’m getting ready for an early dinner and an even earlier flight (6:00 in the AM!!) to Chicago. Then to Manny’s tomorrow night, where I’ll talk corned beef and latkes with the Raskin family and croon again with Jelvis. We’ve had two great events here in LA. Last night Rona and Bev rocked the house at Nate n’ Al, with guests that included Monty Hall and The Joel Stein. Then today Jelvis and I hit up Langer’s, for some amazing pastrami, and of course a whole lot of talking.

Anyway, I’m barely awake, so I’ll add in a few press highlights here.

The McGill Tribune says Screw the Environment: Save the Deli

It’s a firing line of deli lovers as I take on Caplansky in the National Post

Good old Bill Brownstein gives me the Montreal seal of approval in the Gazette.

And the KCRW show Good Food gets down to business with me over deli.

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  1. David Tabak Says:

    Good to finally meet you last night. Great talk. Great Reuben strudel!

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