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My therapy post

Yesterday, I posted in response to a review in the Globe and Mail by Jacob Richler that was so negative, it crossed the line into personal.
My response was equally as personal, but I soon realized there was no good to come out of it…save some cheap therapy. I have now deleted that post.

If you want to read Richler’s review, you can find it here. You can comment on the Globe’s website. Or here.

If you care to read the other reviews and articles on Save the Deli, check out the press page.

And if you want to read the book and write your own review, don’t forget to pick up a copy.

6 Responses to “My therapy post”

  1. Stuart Says:


    I read Richler’s review. It certainly wasn’t a glowing review, but I didn’t find it as negative as you did. Much of it (like the salad comment) seemed focused on his personal reaction while reading it.

    You wrote a book. You put your words and thoughts out there. People are going to critique it. It will be much better for you if you learn to deal with such critiques graciously.

  2. Jacob Says:

    And it isn’t as if you’re being drowned in negative responses. The critical consensus seems (thus far) to be enviably good.

  3. Corey Mintz Says:

    Richler didn’t like your book. He made his reasons clear. I disagree with his review but I don’t see it as a personal attack.

    Aside from like or disliking your book (or you), the disagreement I have is with his interpretation of your travel. What I read as you visiting the crumbling ruins of deli culture, he sees as “the impression that they are everywhere, and largely of impeccable quality.” I don’t think your book gives that impression at all. If anything, you were stalking a species on the endangered list.

    I’m not happy to hear that people don’t like me or my work, but it’s a part of putting your product out there. Chin up.

  4. Bradley Beach Says:

    Good for you. I was unhappy to see the f-bomb in the response. Take the high road always (even though it is not the easy path). Continued success on the book.

  5. Pastramiking Says:

    You’re going to have critics and you’re going to have your fans. I loved your book and at the end I was wishing there was more.

  6. çelik raf Says:

    Thank you for the blog – Hey I added your story to my myspace page.

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