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Last stop: Ann Arbor (plus a belated press roundup)

Ann Arbor, MI

Well friends, it’s been over a month since I hit the road, and I am simply exhausted. Here I am on the final day of the book tour. Thanksgiving dawns tomorrow, then Chanukah, and then I head to Mexico for some surf and sand.

It kicked off on Oct 19th with the launch party in NYC, then on to DC and the White House, plus Sixth and I.
Toronto saw a party at Caplansky’s, San Francisco a reading at Saul’s, LA did lunch at Langer’s
We hit up Manny’s in Chicago and 3G’s in Miami, in Philly, I spoke at the Free Library (see below), in Montreal we brought out the city’s best delis

Then I hit the Jewish book tour of JCCs: Houston, Milwaukee, Denver, Boulder, Richmond, Tampa, Buffalo, and Toledo

Now I’m readying myself for the final stop: Zingerman’s Deli in Ann Arbor. I’ll be briefly talking tonight at 5pm, while Sy Ginsburg hands out samples of his world famous corned beef. I began this whole journey across the delis of America three years ago this January here in Ann Arbor, at Zingerman’s with Sy. It’s fitting that it concludes here.

I want to thank everyone who helped put this together. My publicists Taryn Roeder, Elizabeth Anderson, and Lori Glazer. Ashley Dunn in Canada. Carolyn Hessel and the JBN folks. All the deli owners, JCC volunteers, and people who made it special. Ronnie Dragoon and the Ben’s Crew. Ronna and Beverley. And Jelvis, the Jewish Elvis.

The book is now officially a bestseller on the LA Times List (#6), but I need your help to make it a bigger hit. So if you haven’t purchased a copy, please do so, either at your local bookstore, or online here.

So now, a few stray treats from the road. In case you missed me, or miss me.

My interview with Chicago’s Hungry Hound, Steve Dolinsky

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Also, for those of you who didn’t hear my talk on tour, you can download the podcast from the Philadelphia Free Library talk I did on Nov 2nd.

Finally, to all my American friends, have a happy thanksgiving. May it be filled with enough turkey, beer, and processed white flower to give each and every one of you the most glorious of food comas.

5 Responses to “Last stop: Ann Arbor (plus a belated press roundup)”

  1. Cappy Says:

    Michigan sucks.

  2. Richard Kamins Says:

    But Zingerman’s Rocks!!!!

  3. Noah Says:

    Go Zingerman’s! I haven’t been back since I graduated from UM, and I really really miss it.

  4. women's vacations Says:

    Thank you for the blog – Hey I added your story to my myspace page.

  5. ├želik raf Says:

    Good for you. I was unhappy to see the f-bomb in the response.

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