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Teddy at the Pastrami Blog hits Seattle

Sometimes I can’t be everywhere, which is why the Save the Deli network of crack correspondents covers the globe.

Teddy over at the Pastrami Blog is a San Francisco deli lover, and big fan of Save the Deli. He’s been reading and commenting faithfully, and so I’m going to share his observations from a recent pastrami hunt in Seattle. Take it away Teddy.

Seattle is a lovely place! I went the weekend of November 20th to the 22nd and I did my best to try as many pastrami places as I could, but there were a few miscues that led to me not getting to all the places I wanted to for the blog. However I enjoyed my trip very much and made it to the Seattle Center, University of Washington, the Fremont neighborhood, and various other cool locations. Above pictured is Pike’s Market from Pike and 1st Ave.

I was staying at the Green Tortoise Youth Hostel which is a block away from Pike’s Market. You can’t really beat the location! I checked in around lunch time and headed out to Pike’s to find a map. Before I could even find a map I unintentionally stumbled upon the I Love NY Deli. I approached the gentlemen and told them about my blog. “Oh, Jon (the owner) would love to meet you then. You have to go to the spot up by the University. He’s normally there.” The nice young man pulled out his card and handed it to me. I proceeded to order. “May I get a pastrami sandwich on marble rye with Russian dressing. I would LOVE to try one of you potato knishes. And can I get a cel-ray to wash that down?” The guy proceeded making my sandwich, the slicing machine pumping. He said to himself “This guy knows how to order.” I smiled to myself and sat over in the small public seating area just to the left of the stand. The meal that came out of that small stand was a real treat!

2 Responses to “Teddy at the Pastrami Blog hits Seattle”

  1. Pastramiking Says:

    In Seattle, Washington, the term “deli” is often used to indicate take-out restaurants mainly serving Vietnamese bánh mě sandwiches, particularly in Little Saigon and the University District. I thought I would add that from Wikipedia….The “Seattle Deli” serves this type of sandwich. Thanks so much for posting my write up on the blog, made my day!

  2. ellen, the pastrami queen Says:

    Way to go, Ted !!
    You warranted a plug on this Save the Deli website!
    I posted a “Pastrami Trip Report” on,
    on the same day I met David Sax.

    I visited the Famous 4th St. Deli, and promoted
    David and his book on the Roadfood forum.
    Over 5000 Roadfooder’s viewed my report, and I
    mentioned for David to take a look…
    I would’ve loved if David could’ve thrown in a few words, but, he was either not interested or too busy.

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