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Chappy Chanukah…now let’s sell some books!

Latkes at Kenny and Zuke’s, in Portland

First off, let’s light them lights and eat some latkes, because it’s Chanukah again, and despite what David Brooks says, we’ll celebrate anyway (interesting article though).

Now tonight and for the next eight nights, the gifts will be given, and I’d be foolish not to beg you all to consider a few copies of Save the Deli as a gift. Know a deli lover? Know a pastrami perfectionist, corned beef confucious, or brisket babe? Why not give them the gift that hits them right in their hearts and minds.

But I also want to reach out to all the deli owners I know and love across this great continent. A few months back, many of you received an advance copy of the book from the publisher, with instructions on how you can order and sell copies of Save the Deli in your own delicatessens. This not only helps me sell books and keep them visible to deli customers, it also provides a great opportunity for you delis to promote yourselves (especially if you are featured in the book), and also make a profit. Unlike most stuff you sell, these books won’t shrink during preparation, won’t go bad after a week, and carry a hefty profit margin (50%). You can use them as enticements for holiday catering orders, or gifts for clients and customers.

A few of you have placed orders and sold books, but many more of you sheepishly admit to losing the ordering instructions, or having trouble with the credit process. So I’ve talked to the publishers (Canada and US) and have simplified instructions below.

In both countries there are two options to buy and sell Save the Deli:

A) Delis can order books on consignment (being able to send back any unsold merchandise). This requires a credit check and application, as the books will be lent out.

B) Delis can purchase books via credit card at a discount and sell them at whatever price they see fit. These cannot be returned, but require no application or credit check.

USA: with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt all you need to do is submit your State Specific Retail Certificate (this is only open for retailers, not personal orders) and a credit card number. It requires a minimum order of 10 books. The discount from the retail price ($24.00) breaks down as follows; order 10+ books and get a 46% discount ($12.96 per book), order 25+ books and get 50% off ($12.00 per book). All shipping is handled by the publisher.

To place an order, please contact:
Ryan Kelly
Specialty Retail Sales Manager Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
617-351-5748 phone
617-351-1185 fax

Canada: with McClelland & Stewart/Random House, delis need only complete a credit card order form. The minimum order is 7 books, and the discount from retail (CAD $32.95) is 40% plus GST ($20.76 per book). Again, Random House Canada pays all shipping and handling to your deli/store.
To place an order, please contact:

Marlene Fraser
Director, Special Sales Random House of Canada Limited
Tel: 905-214-6485
Fax: 905-624-6217

And now, the bard of the Hebrews, Neil Diamond, will take it all home.

3 Responses to “Chappy Chanukah…now let’s sell some books!”

  1. Debora Levy Says:

    I just wanted you to know what I gave to my 2 brothers and my father for chanukkah.

    First I bought the book (4) of them, then i contacted Pomperdales deli in Ft Lauderdale, (where my parents are leaving for a cruise from) Seattle,I Love New York Deli where my brother goes to visit his son and daughter n’law, and Langers in Los Angelos where my other brother goes to visit his son at UCLA, each deli sent me $100 gift certificates, (which I paid for ofcourse) to slip behind the cover flap, (kept one book for myself and if you hadn’t already started a group in Facebook I was going to start one!!! :) For the family who has everything, what a great gift for Deli lovers!!!

  2. Lauren Olinek Says:

    I have been reading your book, unable to put it down for two days. I am a big fan of Jewish kosher and kosher style delis, having frequented the likes of Second Ave Deli, Katz’ and a little gem called Eisenbergs Sandwich shop, while I worked in NYC for 11 years. Upon moving to Northern Westchester, NY, I was delighted to find Bloom’s delicatessan in Yorktown Heights, NY. Blooms had an excellant whitefish and tuna sandwich, and lox to die for. One day, I went there for lunch, and the place was closed. Rent too high. I couldn’t understand that, until I began reading your book. I am not Jewish ,but have always enjoyed the whole kosher dining “experience”,since its more than just eating. I received your book as a Christmas present from my dad, who saw the book advertised, but had a hard time getting it. I think he ordered it from a bookstore in Bronxville. God Bless the Jewish deli!

  3. Opal Barraza Says:

    Great info I enjoy some of the articles that have been written, and especially the comments posted! I am going to definately be visiting again!

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