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A Blintz I’ll Mourn, plus a dirty podcast with Carolla

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Oh what I’d do for a Channukah miracle. I just found out some tragic news from last week. The Diamond Dairy, a much beloved glatt kosher dairy restaurant in New York’s Diamond District, has closed. Most of you have probably never heard of or been to this ‘gem’. That’s because it’s found in the rear of a diamond exchange, perched above the stone traders on a glassed in balcony, a haven of gefilte fish and pea soup amidst the tummult of capitalism.

I only went once. Back in June, soon after I got engaged, I went with my fiancee’s best friend Rebecca to pick out a ring. We spend the better part of the morning haggling over stones and settings, our heads filled with karat sizes and clarity numbers…until we ran away to the Diamond Dairy to ponder our choices. I had no idea what I was doing, but everything came together over a trio of the finest cheese blintzes I’ve ever eaten. Most blintzes are fat and burst out their farmer’s cheese upon the first touch. The blintzes at Diamond Dairy were long and thin, like rolled crepes, and the ratio of cheese to crisp blintz was just sublime. I really regret not trying the homemade gefilte fish. It was supposedly amazing.

I normally don’t write about dairy places here. It’s a fleishig (meat based) space. But this is special and will be sorely missed. Alef ha Sholem Diamond Dairy.

Now, for something completely different, feel free to download my podcast interview on the Adam Carolla show. Just a warning. It’s got a lot of pretty crude language and is NSFW (not safe for work). Here’s another link.

Also, let’s not forget that Channukah is still on and Christmas is rapidly approaching. Click here or on the banner above to buy someone you love a copy (copies???) of Save the Deli.

3 Responses to “A Blintz I’ll Mourn, plus a dirty podcast with Carolla”

  1. Moshe Feder Says:

    I’d always heard good things about that place and never got around to trying it. Darn.

    I wonder what happened. It certainly seemed well-targeted and located for its natural market. Another victim of the recession? Did all the diamond dealers start brown-bagging?

    What a shame. Much as I love delis, I really miss that other branch of Jewish cuisine represented by the dairy restaurants and cafeterias (Ratners! Farm Food!) of old.

  2. Daniel Says:

    The owner says he is looking to reopen in the near future. In the meanwhile, the Jewish dairy restaurant has been declining for years. You only have one other place like this nowadays- B and H, by St. Marks Place in the Village. Oy, what I would do for Diamond Dairy’s potato goulash, noodles and cheese, boiled carp. and other dishes you can’t get anywhere else.

  3. Judah S. Harris Says:

    Diamond Dairy closed on 47th Street, but maybe someone can open up Diamond Dairy ll, but not in the Jewelry District (it closed for a reason), rather in Brooklyn or Queens… Teaneck???

    Someone really should. I liked that place. (I also have always wanted to see a kosher diner, like the ones that Greeks own and run. Need not be in a converted Airstream traile. Storefront with stools and long counter, plus other tables will do.)

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