Save the Deli

Amazon’s #4 Best Food Lit Book of 2009, plus a view of Michigan’s Onion Roll Deli

Thank you Amazon’s editors. You’ve blessed Save the Deli as the #4 best Food Lit Book of 2009. Gracias.
Check out the Amazon page to see how it stacks up against the rest.

Also, check out this great audio/photo essay from the Onion Roll deli in Royal Oak, Michigan. Owner Alex Yushkovsky seems like a great guy.

27302 Woodward Avenue
Royal Oak, MI 48067-0927
(248) 545-9804

One Response to “Amazon’s #4 Best Food Lit Book of 2009, plus a view of Michigan’s Onion Roll Deli”

  1. Thomas F. Lynch Says:

    After fresh tears, having JUST finished Save The Deli, I had to visit the web/blog site of the same name to continue the experience. And what, WHAT should greet me but this wonderful piece about one of my favorite places in the suburban Detroit area, a place I was just speaking of just today, the last place I saw Dorian Pasternak alive [he was ordering the Super Special], The Onion Roll Deli!!!! Here comes more of the salty stuff down my cheeks….
    Alex might not know your name, but he’ll remember your face. And when you disappear for long periods of time and then come back for a sandwich, he’ll spot you, then there is this look he gets, “oh, yeah, that guy, sure I know him”. I’ve been that guy who has said “I come back to visit my parents, my friends, and to get a Super Special at the Onion Roll”.
    All the best delis supply the diner not just with food, but a sense of character. From the people who work there, eat there. You come away restored. You’ve seen some real characters, and your really full. It’s been a REAL experience. And with this ipoded out/cell phony/webernot new century, a real experience is not only worth having, but saving. Many thanks for the book, David.

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