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Deli News Roundup

Some days, the Google Alerts just go off the chart here at Save the Deli.

Here’s what we got.

First off, I’ve got a little thing in Saveur this month, talking about delis in their LA food package. “Deli Capital of the World” talks about some of the best family owned Jewish delis in that great city.

Los Angeles and its adjacent municipalities contain more continuously family-owned Jewish delis than any other city in the country. In the hands of third- and fourth-generation proprietors, family recipes for matzo ball soup, knishes, and latkes have evolved into high art. CLICK HERE TO READ THE REST AT SAVEUR.COM

Ruth Tobias at Stuff Magazine Boston is forecasting food trends to watch in 2010, and she thinks a Jewish deli revival is one of them:

Try it: burger on challah at Lord Hobo; corned beef brisket at Franklin Café; house-smoked pastrami-salmon at Henrietta’s Table

Mark my words: between the “scene” that hip New York upstart, Delicatessen, has become, according to Chris Langley, with its “plays on old faves,” and the success of David Sax’s bestselling cultural history Save the Deli, the renaissance of the Jewish deli is nigh. If, a year hence, you aren’t seeing funky twists on kishka, kreplach, and matzoh brei, I’ll eat my hat. (Make that my dear old zayde’s yarmulke.)

And finally, how safe is a hot dog? When I was in the 2nd Ave Deli yesterday, one of the managers there mentioned a campaign to change the shape of those famous sausages, because children were choking on them. A report by the American Academy of Pediatrics has called for warning labels on hot dog packaging, and a thought to redesign hot dogs themselves. See, of all the foods that children choke on, hot dogs top the list.

Without editorializing too much here, and while acknowledging that we need to protect children, shouldn’t this be a bit of a caveat emptor issue? If you feed any large piece of food to a child it can obstruct their breathing. Cut up your food. Chew it like a bird and spit it out if you can’t manage that. Unless manufacturers are going to make baby hot dogs the size of tic tacs, I don’t see how we can reengineer hot dogs in a way that’ll be “safer” and still tasty.

Maybe we should just ban this instead:

5 Responses to “Deli News Roundup”

  1. Lauren Says:

    My favourite line: David Sax’s bestselling cultural history Save the Deli!!!

  2. Sam Says:

    Just puree it into baby food. There is no other solution. Young or adult, we all take the chance of choking on any kind of food or liquid. We just have to continue to be careful on what and how we eat our foods.

  3. Pastramiking Says:

    The LA Deli scene has been heating up with recent expansions in the San Fernando Valley. Nate N’ Al’s opened a location in Thousand Oaks and Brent’s a new location in Westlake Village.

  4. djueat Says:

    That hotdog news item has killed my PC-meter today.

  5. Adam Says:

    Maybe a nice hotdog blender omlette is in order?

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