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Canter’s Goes Mobile with Deli Truck

credit: Elina Shatkin

Well, it was bound to happen. If there’s two things LA does really well, it’s automobile transport, and Jewish deli.

So it was only a matter of time when the two came together, and the LA deli food truck began rolling. There’s been attempts at this before, but now the city’s most famous deli is getting in on the action, as Canter’s unveils their new deli truck.

Here’s what LA Weekly says:

Canter’s Deli, an institution known as much for its round-the-clock service and its preserved-in-amber ambiance as for its cuisine, just leapfrogged into the year 2010 with a food truck that hits the streets of Los Angeles — hopefully this week. The Canter’s Deli truck (Twitter: @canterstruck) is the brainchild of Bonnie Bloomgarden, a great-great-granddaughter of Ben Canter, one of the brothers who opened the first L.A. incarnation of Canter’s in Boyle Heights in 1931.

The truck soft-opens this week with a limited menu that will expand over the next few weeks to include seven sandwiches (pastrami, corned beef, turkey, egg salad, tuna salad, grilled cheese and a Reuben), a couple sides (cole slaw and potato salad), green salad and matzoh ball soup. Also on the menu: pickles, Dr. Brown’s sodas and desserts like rugelach, mini-Danishes, black-and-white cookies and cheesecake. The sandwiches, made with the same meat and house-made bread as the ones at the sit-down restaurant, will cost $5 – $10 and, in keeping with their reduced price, will be approximately 25% smaller than the gut-busting originals. “They’re still ridiculously large,” Bloomgarden says. READ THE REST HERE

Can this be the start of an all out mobile deli revolution, not just in LA, but in America? Can you imagine a world where Langer’s, Katz’s, Mile End, or Manny’s comes right to your door, your school, your oil derrick?

I sure hope so. Bravo to Bonnie Bloomgarden, the 5th generation Canter, who proves once again that keeping it in the family is the key to success.

4 Responses to “Canter’s Goes Mobile with Deli Truck”

  1. Seth Front Says:

    A 21st century pushcart!

  2. pastramiking Says:

    The only question is – Do they have the sesame seed rugelachs in the truck? Those are my favorite. The best thing about Canter’s, besides the pastrami of course, is the bakery!

  3. Ellen, the pastrami queen Says:

    Great connotation, SETH !!!

    Hey there, Pastramiking!! I love their rugelachs at Cantor’s , too, plus their “poppy seed danish” thingee!

  4. Joseph Vinitano Says:

    Great article as usual, thanks for writing so much informative stuff on a regular basis.

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