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Save the Deli nominated for James Beard Awards

Exciting news.

One week after I host a dinner at the James Beard House, I find out that Save the Deli has been nominated for the James Beard Awards.

For those of you who don’t know, the James Beard Awards are basically the Oscars of the food world (actually, more like the Golden Globes, because they can eat during the presentation). Chefs, cookbook writers, and restauranteurs are nominated. Past winners include Julia Child, Michael Pollan, and Claudia Roden. There’s also lifetime achievement awards, including one given to Langer’s Delicatessen.

Save the Deli is nominated in Food Literature, and is up against two wonderful books that couldn’t be more different:
-Waste, by Tristram Stuart, which is about all the food we waste in this world of ours (finish your sandwich people!)
-The Seasons on Henry’s Farm by Terra Brockman, which takes you behind the scenes of an organic farm

The awards will take place on May 2nd in New York City. Fingers crossed!

11 Responses to “Save the Deli nominated for James Beard Awards”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Mazel Tov David!!!! This is an amazing honour. May schmaltz rain down from the sky!!!!

  2. Patrick Maguire Says:

    Tremendous! Congratulations, and good luck.

  3. Manny Says:

    Way to go David!

  4. Stu Shiffman Says:

    Mazel tov indeed, David.

    Oh, I was just in LA for a conference with all the logistics worked out to go to Langers from the Omni on Bunker Hill. A local friend at registration started telling me all about Langers, cited your book and seemed disappointed that I already knew all about it. My wife and I did go with a friend and had a heck of a good time. You were right, best pastrami in longer than I remember (I got the #19 because I always enjoy cole slaw on my pastrami sandwich… what my Dad always did… with lots of mustard. My sweetie got the matzah ball soup and blintzes. Great place. We got there just in time that we missed the rush and didn’t have to wait on line.

  5. Stu Shiffman Says:

    Of course, they have a stack of your books by the register!

  6. Lauren Says:


  7. Adam Says:

    From Los Angeles Best-Seller’s list to the James Beard award nomination … and you don’t stop! Well done, Dave! It’s huge, and yet somehow, not surprising.

  8. Says:

    Mazel Tov David! Glad to see my favorite food read of the past year get some serious props!

  9. Julia Says:

    Wow, David! We are so very proud of you, and thrilled for you!
    May the Schwartz and the schmaltz be with you! Mazel Tov!

  10. Warren Says:

    Very well earned. Mazels :) And good luck! Regardless, what an absolutely incredible honour.

  11. David Ouellet Says:

    Congrats, David. It seems hard work really pays off.

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