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Deli hits the Food Wars on Travel Channel

Tune in tonight to the Travel Channel, because it’s a New York pastrami battle on the new hit show Food Wars. The show takes a local food icon, and then weighs in on which local stalwart makes it best. For New York pastrami, it’s the hand slicing haven of Katz’s, vs. the haymish flavors of the 2nd Ave Deli. Oh man.

The beautiful, insightful, and ridiculously buff host Camille Ford interviews fans of both delis, their owners, and resident deli expert David Sax (that’s me!), about the art of pastrami and who does it best. Then there’s a blind taste test, and the winner is…

You’ll just have to tune in tonight at 10 pm EST to find out.

4 Responses to “Deli hits the Food Wars on Travel Channel”

  1. Aredee Says:

    Is the episode entitled “Make your Meat-er?”

  2. richard scher Says:

    last week i was in new york city (i live in florida). i had time for one deli meal. my wife and i went to 2d avenue deli. we did not go to katz’s. guess why not? the pastrami. end of story.

  3. Majd udeen Jaggi Says:

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  4. George Alvalle Says:

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