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Hebrew National discontinues Mustard

(Adios amigo)

This just in. Word from the deli world that Hebrew National is discontinuing their branded deli mustard, due to declining sales.

A letter from Hebrew National’s corporate owners ConAgra stated the following to delis on April 30th:

Due to declining sales, we will be discontinuing production of our Hebrew National branded mustard. The following three SKUs will no longer be available for sale as of May 1st, 2010:
74956-18512 HBN 4/1GAL DELI MUSTARD
74956-18507 HBN 12/12OZ SQZ BTL. DELI MUSTARD
74956-18517 HBN 12/24OZ DELI MUSTARD

This is just one more move away from traditional deli for Hebrew National. Since its purchase by food industry giant ConAgra in 1993, traditional deli products have disappeared on a regular basis. ConAgra wants to sell hot dogs to Cosco and Sam’s Club, not pastramis to small delis. Deli industry insiders say its only a matter of time before Hebrew National moves out of the deli business entirely.

Such a shame.

53 Responses to “Hebrew National discontinues Mustard”

  1. Moshe Feder Says:

    I’m sorry to hear this. I was just eating some on a fine sandwich at Pastrami Queen over the weekend.

  2. aaron levy Says:

    Shameful..Hebrew National should be able to take a Mustard loss and strike it up to Good PR.

    We just had a great Pastrami sandwich at Lansky’s Deli in NYC. We will be there again to eat the excellent Pastrami.

    Let us never loose Jewish Deli food.

  3. Harvey Schwartz Says:

    Oy A Shanda! That’s what happens when a goyishe company takes over a Jewish operation. It’s the only mustard we use. We can only get it in one market in CA. We buy 6 jars at a time. Oh, woe is me. We will have to sit shiva.

  4. D.A.STEIN Says:


  5. t. b. Says:

    its no big deal to me… there are plenty of good deli mustards on the market anyhow…

  6. nancy kay Says:

    Have it in my fridge – will miss it – HN products are the only brand I have used – forever! This is progress????

  7. John Says:

    Call me a hater, but I never felt Hebrew National was anything special. The wieners, I mean; the mustard, ehh, if I recall its just another generickey “american brown” mustard. My take on mustard? Grey poupon or Maille. Absolutely better than…just about anything. If you put Grey Poupon in a taste test with any other mustard, blindfold people….try it. And I say, we need more people to take mustard seriously.

  8. Sue Says:

    I discovered the mustard about 6 months ago. I tried it because it was on sale. I don’t know what the shelf life is, but I will buy what I can as this is by far the best mustard I’ve ever had. I’m not Jewish, but may have to follow Harvey and sit shiva.

  9. MOSES Says:


  10. I LOVE IT Says:


  11. dakmart Says:

    ConAgra makes Gulden’s as well, so it’s not like they’re getting out of the mustard business…

  12. Richard Says:

    The answer: boycott Hebrew National. Do not purchase any of their products. Do not buy from a deli that features Hebrew National. Perhaps ConAgra will decide that the Hebrew National brand isn’t a good profit center and sell it to an outfit that cares. Suggestion: use Boar’s Head franks. They are all beef (tho perhaps not U-O), and have been judged the best franks in America by an independent taste panel.




  14. tina M. Says:

    I am so discouraged to find out that ConAgr discontinued this mustard. I have been using it for years and it is the only mustard I ever use. I hope they rethink it. What a shame!

  15. Cb Says:

    Absolutely discouraging! I’ll stick with Boars Head and Sabrett products for now on!

  16. JILL Says:


  17. TOM Says:

    This realy bites,I live in Florida, and My parents used to send a case every now and then, I’m going to have to stop eating cold cuts. CONAGRA

  18. Mike Says:

    The guy that said hebrew national mustard is not great and grey poupon is the best you do not know what you are talking about grey poupon is the genericky taste that is made for sandwiches not hot dogs. hebrew national was the best mustard for hot dogs. ive tried them all guldens has a nice taste but does not come close, hewbrew national was real quality. i am a hot dog lover so this is sad. the next best thing is boars head mustard

  19. Joseph from Seattle Says:

    Yes, it was quite a shame when this was announced. HN mustard was one of my favorites, but to be honest I have found a replacement I like just as much. If not more! You must print the order form from their site and send for it, or call, but I absolutely love Bertman’s. Happened to be watching one of those “Best of” type shows and the Indians fans of Cleveland were commenting that they bought hot dogs at the games just to use the mustard. Spicy brown, but very smooth. It’s sold by the case of 12 (two sizes to choose from, as well as their horse radish sauce), so you won’t run out anytime soon.

  20. jane Says:

    i can not believe hebrew national would discontinue the dressing for all their products. helllloooo what makes them so good? the MUSTARD!! please i have bought three different kinds of mustard adn so far no comparison…hellllppppp

  21. robert805 Says:

    Two mustards that are similar to HN are Batampte and Golds.

  22. nurseLew Says:

    Nathans mustard which is made by Golds is pretty close to hebrew national and is also pretty good. Guldens happens to be made by ConAgra also

  23. Roja Says:

    Been using Hebrew National Mustard for 50 of my 62 years. Will be missed. Mo other like it… I’ve tried 6 different kinds in the past 2 months since Hebrew National dissappeared off the shelves locally. Maybe thst’s a good thing. No ,orehotdogs, polish sausage,hamburgers, deli sandwiches, etc since I cam\n’t get goodmustard!!!!!

  24. Roja Says:

    I’d just as soon put grey poop on my hotdogs as grey poupon!!!

  25. Art Finestone Says:

    Why isn’t your products sold in Canada?

  26. Liz Says:

    All the Publix supermarkets in my area kept the Hebrew National mustard in a remote area of the store, not on the same shelf as their other mustards. I believe that hindered the sell of the product. It was very difficult to locate in the store. I was extremely disappointed to find out the product had been discountinued. It was the best mustard on the market. What can be done to prevent it from disappearing from the market???

  27. Charles Says:

    This is what happens when a non-jewish company purchases a Jewish heritage product, how can you have potato knishes, corned beef and pastrami, and hot dogs without authentic Hebrew National Mustard. So What are we to do now, use Nazi mustard for a Jewish product, I thought that HB always used to advertise “We answer to a higher authority”, what happened to that authority, I guess, it is now profit and loss related. How does 3 product SKU’s interfeare with the global operations of a major corporation. Sell the stupid mustard to keep the end users happy. Why is it so important to discontinue 3 sku’s? Is this really such a major money loser? Keep the product that made this product famous for years. But the bottom line is Nathans Mustard is wonderful, and instead of buying Hebrew National Hot Dogs, purchase Nathan’s hot dogs. Sure let’s have a HB hot dog with Nazi, Boar’s head mustard. An absolute travesty.

  28. Karl Says:

    First, Herb’s Deli Mustard disappears and now Hebrew National. What are we deli food lovers to do without a good deli mustard. This is devistating news. Can anyone suggest a good deli mustard that is not bright yellow and lacking is taste?

  29. Steve Says:

    You have now permanently lost yet another customer.

  30. Erica Says:

    Seriously …. I love this mustard. BRING IT BACK!

  31. Tenney Says:

    This is the only mustard I’ve ever truly liked, bought online, distributed to family members, and used constantly. Now I’m down to my last half cup, and can’t find more! oy vey! I’ll try Nathan’s, Gold’s, Batampte, but I’m skeptical. Some mustard entrepreneur somewhere, you have a huge following awaiting you! Get the recipe! Sell it to Trader Joe’s!

  32. Mindy Says:

    What a shame. I grew up eating this mustard (even on non-kosher) on cold cuts and meats. I thought that I was crazy when I couldn’t fine it. Now, I find out that it is no longer being made. I thought that it was because I was living outside of Houston Texas. I have scoured the stores every time I am back in NYC and no luck. I would even take the ones that remained on the store shelf at this point!!!!
    Does anyone have any idea of what may be similar?

  33. adam stoler Says:

    leave it to some MBA’s sitting in Con agra HQ . Hey schmoes- whaddya gonna put on a Hebrew National hot dog? ketchup? Yeah i can just taste Heinz ketchup on my next bullet salami sandwich? is that on white bread? or should i use mayo? Miracle whip you guys?
    leave it to the goyim to tell the world how to eat Jewish kosher deli…..
    I am trying Geffen and another kosher mustard…..and anytime i can avoid Con Agra’s Hebrew National brand- i will be doing a double mitzvah- supporting an independent business.. and helping ConAgra exit the deli business…and it can’t happen soon enough Merry christmas to you Con Agra

  34. Richard Says:

    My heart is broken also. I also will avoid Con Agra anything! I did find a mustard that I would say is darn close if not the same to our beloved deli mustard. BA-TAMPTE deli style mustard distributed by by BA-TAMPTE pickle products inc. Brooklyn, NY. 11236 (718) 251-2100.
    I only hope it brings back the joy for you as it did for me.

  35. MOE Says:


  36. Janet Says:

    Have been searching high and low for the mustard in stores all over the 3-stateNYC area. None to be found! Now I know why and find it hard to believe. Everyone I talk used the product so can sales have slumped off? Please restore!!!

  37. Ron Says:

    Sounds like Conagra is pulling a Coca-Cola mistake– you all remember that fiasco. Reversals can be done if they want. Let’s all remind them and the food merchants we deal with.

  38. Jeanne Says:

    Such a shame. This is the best deli mustard for everyone, Jewish or not. We love it and have used it for years. Con Agra has no heart. The bigger the company the more out of touch they get with their customers. Why did you sell out, Hebrew National?

  39. Jerrythejew Says:

    We just started to run out of our bottle of HN mustard and the deli we buy from said it was cancelled. I was shocked. But they have a GREAT REPLACEMENT. it’s NATHANS CONEY ISLAND MUSTARD. it’s wonderful, better than Hebrew national, the same recipe used on the NATHANS coney island hot dogs . Tastes great on those Hebrew national quarter pound hot dogs!!!!!

  40. Jerrythejew Says:

    Today the mustard, tomorrow the salami.

  41. SeattleSlew Says:

    There is a company that used to have some relationship to Hebrew National called National Deli and they supposedly use the identical recipe and I have heard that their cold cuts are virtually identical or even better than HN. So not only can you replace the mustard, but also send ConAgra and HN a loud message about how stupid they were to discontinue the mustard, by asking for and buying Deli National. They have a website….just Google it. They will not sell directly, but you can find out if there is a retailer of their products in your area.

  42. Marianne Says:

    What a disgrace this is, discontinuing Hebrew National mustard. Because of low sales??? It was the ONLY mustard I used because it was delicious, my absolute favorite for years and years. I have been searching every store I go into for my mustard, to no avail, and now I know why. What a horrible disappointment this is. What about those of us who loved this mustard and did not use anything else? We don’t matter, do we? You can go bankrupt now for all I care. What I will miss is not being able to keep purchasing my favorite mustard ever !

  43. Marina Says:

    Please bring back my favorite mustard,been looking for it everywhere,cant eat without it…………do come back pleeeeeeeeeeez!!!!!!!!!

  44. George Plosker Says:

    If sales were low on this product, ConAgra only has themselves to blame. Basically impossible to find the mustard, even before it was discontinued. Apparently no distribution in California. I cannot tell you how many mustard sections in how many stores I’ve scanned looking for HN Mustard. Very typical that a company makes an acquisition and then does everything possible to kill the products. I’ll definitely investigate National Deli and look to stop purchasing ConAgra products. Hey ConAgra, how about listening to your customers and paying attention to your market presence?

  45. Dennis Says:

    My wife, who is Peruvian, never had or ever heard of Hebrew National mustard until she vacationed in FL in 2003 where we meet. Once she tried it she could never go back to another brand. She absolutely loved it. Recently I retired and we moved to Lima, Peru. When visitors come from the USA we put in our orders. I did not see HN listed on any online grocers web site. Then I did a google search and saw this site. We are so, so disappointed to learn that Hebrew National is gone. What a pity. If everyone would flood the ConAgra phone lines and send thousands of emails maybe they would consider marketing it again. It was probably the name Hebrew why they discontinued it in the first place. Everyone should boycott there other products if they declined making it again.

  46. Mickey Koch Says:

    Does anybody know where I can order it on line.

    Mickey in Maryland

  47. Lynda Dockery Says:

    I have tried to find the mustard everywhere and I agree with the person who said Publix had it but it was on a side shelf and I just happened to see it. I have not found another mustard I like as much. Please bring it back!

  48. Todd Katz Says:

    Another in a long line of favorite food tragedies. Apparently Zabar’s is now selling its own mustard. I guess I’ll order everything that sounds like a plausible replacement to Hebrew National.

    Perhaps HN would sell the recipe to a smaller manufacturer and everyone could be happy?

    If anyone has the recipe please publish it. Foods finds a way.

    Power to the Pastrami!!

  49. Clare Blessinger Says:

    Where is my Hebrew National Mustard!!!!!

    My hot dogs don’t taste the same. My pastrami doesn’t taste the same. Nothing tastes the same.

    Sales declined because you could never find it. It was either not in the store or it was hidden away by the meat cases.

    Bring it back and display it proudly and we will buy it.

  50. Alexandra Anglesey Says:

    Alexandra Anglesey says:
    Absolutely ridiculous! Moved to Wellington, Fl 14 yrs ago from NY. One thing that kept me from missing NY so much was Hebrew National hot dogs and their MUSTARD and Boars Head meats!. I like a complete idiot have been still looking for HN mustard and arguing w/ Publix that it could never be discontinued. i have been using Batempte, but its just not the same.

  51. FARAH Says:

    Absolutely devastated that HN discontinued the mustard! We are not Jewish but we bought HN mustard because it was THE most delicious mustard ever. So disappointed at ConAgra, please reconsider???? Please bring it back???

  52. Diane Says:

    Since ConAgra decided to discontinue the BEST MUSTARD EVER……what is next?????

    I love this mustard….NO other comes close! I’ve tried a lot of mustards and the ones with honey are terrible! This was truly a GREAT MUSTARD!!!

    Any recommendations for an alternate???

    Trust me….I will avoid purchasing ANYTHING from ConAgra if I can find an alternate to them!!!!!!

  53. Kurt Says:

    Best mustard ever. Discovered it in ill.. Upon moving to ga. I couldn’t find it. Over time I forgot it, choosing not to use any other mustards after trying a few. Other day I decided to look again, I missed it that bad. Then I hear the bad news. Product was the best, how could it be discontinued.

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