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Celebrate Shavuos with Blintzes, Dawn, and Rolled Beef

Shavuot is coming next week, and there’s a lot to celebrate this weekend.

Traditionally, this is when Jews, those of the lactose intolerance, go wild on dairy. What better way to get down with it all than some delicious blintzes. Tablet has an article all about the search for perfect blintzdom, like these beauties above. Here’s a taste:

In time, a few broad categories of blintz emerged. One common variety—large as a jumbo hotdog and amply stuffed—is represented at Junior’s in Los Angeles. Burrito-shaped, these blintzes have a well-seared, browned exterior, which plays nicely off the thick, sweet but not cloying, farmer-cheese filling. Similar in shape, but even bigger are the blintzes at the classic kosher lunch counter in New York’s East Village, B&H Dairy. They are incredibly crisp, almost crunchy, with a particularly savory exterior counterbalanced by an especially sweet cheese interior. I also found equally large, but far less crispy blintzes, like those served up at Zaidy’s in Denver. With a paler, chewy pancake, this school of blintz is more like a steamed bun than a fried eggroll. At each restaurant, an order of blintzes makes a meal, especially if you consider they’re topped with berry preserves or sour cream, since nothing goes better with a cheesy filling than a heaping spoonful of more dairy.

Finally, there are the incredibly light, feathery blintzes, which most closely resemble crepes and approached the fabled translucence of Grandma Anna’s bletlach. The finest I sampled of this ilk were at Veselka, the stalwart Ukrainian diner in New York City, where the blintzes are folded into a simple triangle lest they crumble in more intricate preparation.

If you’re in the Bay Area this weekend, you should definitely pick up tickets to Dawn, the late night Shavuot party put on by Reboot, featuring Sandra Bernhard in conversation; Russian Debutante’s Handbook author Gary Shteyngart; a live performance by the inspirational band Fool’s Gold; local author Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket) slinging Jewish cocktails and more… 7:30 PM California Academy of Sciences

And if dairy ain’t your thing, head out to Rego Park, Queen’s, to kosher delicatessen Ben’s Best. They were recently hailed as having the best pastrami sandwich in the city, and Jay Parker, the owner, just emailed to tell me that the elusive rolled beef has just arrived and is going fast!

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  1. pastramiking Says:

    Too bad I missed out on Dawn! That was Bay to Breakers weekend, the Bay Area was super busy those couple of days.

  2. alvin yerkes Says:

    Where can I get Jewish rolled beef.Kosher or not.

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